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Fight Fans Schedule in association with Books is proud to offer these great books on the sport we all love. I am sure all of us boxing fans have been to our local bookstore and found out just how FEW books covering boxing are featured there. So here is a list (to which I will add on a regular basis) of great books which give insight to the fighters and rich history of Boxing. The prices thru are GREAT and almost always beat the local stores and I am not just saying that. Everything on my site is free and I simply created this website to get more people to appreciate our great sport and I think this link to will help do that.

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Knockout Kings 2001 (for Playstations 2)
The most advanced boxing game ever created according to most everyone. enough said!

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 (for Playstations 2)
Boxing made fun. If this improves as much as much as they say on the original Playstation game you will not see the outside of your house for months.

Mike Tyson Boxing
Reviews are not too good for Mike Tyson in real life or for this videogame it seems? But I have gotten some good E-mails about it. Did not take the chance on it myself.

Lacks real life boxers but is said to be good otherwise.

HBO Boxing
This is the very latest boxing game released, lets hope it lives up to the hype. At the very least this game gives you the opportunity to beat up Roy Jones!

Knockout Kings
By all accounts this is the boxing game which all others must live up to!

Ready To Rumble 2
No this game is not based on real boxing but when it comes to fun this one seems to be the WWF of boxing games..... it blows regular boxing games away?

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