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Fight Fans Schedule in association with Books is proud to offer these great books on the sport we all love. I am sure all of us boxing fans have been to our local bookstore and found out just how FEW books covering boxing are featured there. So here is a list (to which I will add on a regular basis) of great books which give insight to the fighters and rich history of Boxing. The prices thru are GREAT and almost always beat the local stores and I am not just saying that. Everything on my site is free and I simply created this website to get more people to appreciate our great sport and I think this link to will help do that.

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Muhammad Ali: The Greatest Collection **** NEW **** NEW ****
More than just a DVD! Contains best picture quality available of entire bouts of Ali vs. Liston, Forman and Frazier III. Also a Bonus CD-ROM Disc Containing: The Ali Influence, a look at Ali's impact on the great fighters of today, including Oscar de la Hoya, Prince Naseen Hamed, Roy Jones and Lennox Lewis; A fight-by-fight look at the professional record of Muhammad Ali.

Champions Forever: World Heavyweight Champs **** NEW **** NEW ****
This classic boxing tape has now been put on DVD with addional footage from a Dinner with the Champs, Tale of the Tape, Selected Punches, and Slow-Motion Knockout Blows.

Latin Legends **** NEW **** NEW ****
Simply a must have for most boxing fans! Hosted by Edward James Olmos, it is an inspirational film about six of the greatest Latin boxers of our or any time.

The Leonard vs. Hearns Saga
For half thr price of a dull heavyweight PPV fight you can see these two legends battle it out in two excellent fights. The first is simply a classic and the second is not that far behind in terms of entertainment!

Mancini vs. Camacho
These guys did not like each other and the fight turned out to be good too..... not great. Also on this video is the pro-debut of Riddick Bowe which you will find now where else.

Jack Johnson: Breaking Barriers
I have not seen this video nor heard of it before? But the review on praises the video, and it is hard to screw up the incredible story of Johnson.

The Fabulous four
Hagler, Duran, Leonard and Hearns!! Need I say anymore? This video chronicles the rise and matches of these 4 legends.

The Perfect Punch
100 K.O's in 90 minutes!! The Ring magazines says of this video "an hour-and-a- half of virtually non-stop mayhem" and "fans who enjoy watching crushing powershots and bodies crashing to canvas will love this video" I agree 100%.

The Greatest Pound for Pound
So who is the greatest boxer ever? This video mixes great rare footage with the sage advice and opinions of Bert Sugar and Bill Cayton. This one is hard to pass up at the low price which gives!

Boxing's Best Champions
A great 4 video set that highlites the careers of Ali, Dempsey, Louis and Marciano. Christmas is right around the corner fight fans!

Boxings Best - Rocky Marciano
This video is part of a series of videos dedicated to boxings best fighters and weight classes.

Boxings Best - Joe Louis
This video is part of a series of videos dedicated to boxings best fighters and weight classes. I will list all within the next couple of weeks. I asked around and this is a good video series......Christmas present maybe????

Boxings Best - Jack Dempsey
This video is part of a series of videos dedicated to boxings best fighters and weight classes. If you don't have time to read the new book on him this is a good second choice.

Boxings Best - Heavyweights "The Big Punchers"
This video is part of a series of videos dedicated to boxings best fighters and weight classes. This is what most people ask for in heavyweights.

Boxings Best - Boxings greatest champions
This video is part of a series of videos dedicated to boxings best fighters and weight classes. I orderd this one and will let you know who is featured when I get it.

Boxings Best - The Heavyweights "The Stylists"
This video is part of a series of videos dedicated to boxings best fighters and weight classes. HMM wonder if Rocky is on this one ha ha. Tuney, Ali, Jack Johnson and who else?

Raging Bull
Oscar winning film based on the life of middleweight great Jake LaMotta. A must have for boxing fans, Robert De Niro plays the role beautifully. Called one of the greatest American movies of the last 25 years!

Requiem for a heavyweight
I am going to start listing some classic movies which have boxing as the main subject. Requiem for a heavyweight is as good as any to start with as it is definitely classic! Read the reviews of this film by clicking on the title.

Boxing: The best of the 1980's Vol I and II
Great price for a 2 video set. This is a 2 set video with highlightes from the biggest bouts of the 80's.

Latin Legends
A great video and a must have for the fans of Latin fighters!! 93 minutes long and features the lives of Salvador Sanchez, Alexis Arguello, Julio Cesar Chavez, Kid Gavilan, Carlos Ortiz, and Roberto Duran. Price can not be beat at less than \\$9.00, a must have for boxing fans.

Champions forever
Considered the best boxing video ever made. Interviews and clips of Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Holmes and Norten. Great buy at less than \\$9.00 also. Great review of this video can be found on this link also.

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