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My favorite boxing links.

Here are the best boxing sites that I have found while surfing the net for boxing information.

Here we go!

Federacion Argentina De Box *** ADDED March 7th ****
Here is the one and only source you will need to keep up with Argentine boxing. The one drawback is that it is all in Spanish.

Boexo 7 *** ADDED March 7th ****
Another very good Argentine page. This one covers the world scene more so than the Argentine boxing scene. The one drawback is that it is all in Spanish.

BM Prof. Boxing *** ADDED March 7th ****
Denmark must have more great boxing sites per capita than any other nation! Here is another site devoted to boxing from Denmark.

The Australian Boxing page "Unofficial"
This page is just getting started but shows a lot of promise and has a informed webmaster. Go here for your first look at the new talent coming out of Australia.

The Australian National Boxing Federation page
Official page of the Australian National Boxing Federation. Still a bit thin on content but a good start to be sure.

Brazilian boxing page "Panorama do Boxe Brasileiro"
Brazil looks to have some good fighters coming up led by the Freitas brothers. This page is in Portuguese ONLY but a great link for everyone not just our Portuguese speaking friends.

British Boxing
The title says it all! A must see for the fan of English boxers and seems to be updated almost every day also has a good data base of records.

Danish Prime-fighters
I wish fans in all countries would do something like this. Great job!

Danish Boxing
Very well done site. Contains profiles on Danish boxers and a very useful boxing forum.

Danish Top Boxing
The Danes love their boxing! Here is another great site to visit with plenty of things to check out.

A Spanish only site which covers the Spanish national picture. Very well done, frequently updated and with rankings and records of all the Spanish fighters.

European Boxing "Mr. Boxing"
**THE BEST SITE** for information on the European fight scene. No one else even comes close.

French "Net Boxing"
Established in 1996 this is the only french boxing page that is updated on a regular basis. Text is entirely in French but if you can read French this is a site you must visit.

German Boxing News
Great page! With news, schedules, and good bio's on the the best and newest fighters comming out of Germany. Germany is experiencing a boxing boom and this page should keep you up to date on it.

Irish Boxing News
Here is the home of The Real Fighting Irish!! Simply has it all, if you are looking for Irish boxing info go no further.

New Mexico Boxing
You other U.S states better get of your asses and try to duplicate this excellent site! New Mexico boxing news, results, schedule, photos, gyms, promoters and boxer all part of this site.

The Oceanic Boxing Association
Page devoted to the Oceanic boxing scene. Very well done with stories, rankings and links.

Oriental Boxing (By Joe Koizumi)
Finally a site that is dedicatd to the much neglected Asian boxing scene.

The Pan Asian Boxing Association
If it is happening in the Pacific Rim and is boxing related you will find it listed here! Great page for fans of the Asian boxing scene.

Polish Boxing
This English language site is promoter-independent, allowing unbiased info. So far they feature 15 boxers and there will be more soon. Updated frequently!

Puerto Rican Taino Box
For the latest news and reviews of Puerto Rican boxers around the world this is the site to visit. Very well done!

El Nuevo Dia San Juan
For the latest news on the Puerto Rican fight scene check this newspaper site out. Updated frequently which makes it unique among newspapers..... unfortunately it is in Spanish only.

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