Up close and personal with Lunden De'Leon

     Lunden De'leon has many credits to her resume to 
 include, fashion model, TV star, and upcoming movie star.  
 Well, as you will read, she is a diehard boxing fan too.  
 De'leon wants all boxers to succeed in a very brutal 
 sport and in addition, she wants as so many boxing fans 
 want, the sport to continue to move forward in a positive 
 manner. Don't be surprised if you're at a boxing match and 
 you look to your left or right, and see Lunden sitting there 
 cheering the fighters on.

     You can see MS De'leon at her website at www.lundendeleon.com 
 It's done very well and will show just how impressive her 
 resume is along with some stunning shots of her beauty.

 Interview by: Brad Berkwitt 

 Brad: How long have you followed boxing?

 De'Leon: I have followed boxing for about 20 years.  My dad was a huge 
          Joe Frazier fan. Whenever boxing was on the television my father had  
          me right there with him to learn about the sport.  As I got older, 
          the more I appreciated it and tried to watch all the fights.  

 Brad: What is the earliest fight that you can recollect watching?

 De'Leon: Sugar Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns I.  Besides for all the 
          excitement of the fight, the thing I most remember, is all the hype 
          around the fight. The media was in a frenzy and every sports story  
          seemed to reflect around this fight.

 Brad: In the years since you first started following boxing, what are 
       the major changes you have seen?

 De'leon: When I first started watching boxing, it was more mainstream 
          meaning seen on regular TV.  Now with all the PPV and Cable, it really 
          doesn't allow a fan to see the fighters as much as when I first started 
          watching the sport.  I think this has effected the respect of the sport 
          as a whole because it's just not as accessible today as when I really 
          started following it.

 Brad: What is the greatest fight you have ever seen and why?

 De'Leon: Brad, I have seen many over the years but just last month, the 
          best one ever came on. The fight was Felix Trinidad vs Fernando Vargas.  
          When Fernando was knocked down twice in the first round and still had
          the heart to go on, he showed an athletes true will to win. In boxing, 
          the will of a fighter really is unmatched from any other sport because 
          of the mere fact, that it's only him in that ring. The corner assists 
          but at no time is this a team sport when the bell rings.  The seesaw 
          action in that fight was something to admire and even up to the 
          stoppage, Vargas fought his heart out.

 Brad: Do you have any aspirations to be a professional fighter?

 De'Leon: Right now I am concentrating on my TV and film career.  I will 
          not rule it out and even at this time, I work out in a boxing gym run 
          by Freddie Roach. It will probably just remain a good workout for me.

 Brad: Do you favor a mandatory retirement fund for all boxers and if so, 
       how would you like to see it done?

 De'Leon: I think it's a great idea because as we all know, there is not 
          one in place in for boxers today. Other major sports have them in place 
          and boxing needs to come up to speed on this.  It could be done when a  
          fighter turns professional and from his first fight, he places some 
          money into it. Also, I know the promoters make lots of money and they  
          should put funds into a retirement account as well.

 Brad: What do you think of female boxing?

 De'Leon: I have mixed feelings on it. It's great that females want to 
          compete in boxing but to see the ladies take heavy blows like that.  
          It's hard enough for the men to take all that punishment but women's 
          bodies really aren't made for it. That's why I said earlier, it will  
          probably just remain a workout for me.

 Brad: Who are your three favorite fighters of all-time and why?

 De'Leon: First, Muhammad Ali.  Ali was just a great boxer and more than 
          that, when he spoke, you were glued to everything he said.  Second,  
          Mike Tyson.  Even though he has a bad reputation today, there was a  
          time many years ago, when he got in that ring and his power was 
          unmatched.  Back then, he never talked much and did all the real talking 
          in the ring.  I feel the 80's boxing was bigger because of Mike Tyson.   
          Finally, Lennox Lewis.  He is a great boxer, very smart, and above all, 
          a true gentleman. I had the pleasure of meeting Lennox and he was very 

 Brad: As a boxing fan, what would make you pay the high prices to see it 
       on PPV?

 De'Leon: The boxers are the selling point obviously. But if they have not 
          looked good in recent fights, I will not pay the money to see it or if  
          the champion is up against a contender that is undeserving of his title 

 Brad: Finally, what is the saying you live your life by?


 Writers closing remarks:

 I always enjoy interviewing people who truly love this sport we call boxing. 
 Lunden does and if you ever get the chance to meet her, go up and get her started 
 on the topic of boxing.  Within 20 seconds, you will see what I am talking about. 

 When you visit her site, make sure to email her and let her know you read her 
 interview here at Boxing Wise.

 As always fight fans, keep reaching for the stars and all your dreams can be 

Brad Berkwitt