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This weeks televised bouts.

Friday, March 16th, ESPN2 (9:00 PM, EST)
Lamar Murphy (26-4) vs. Efren Hinojosa (21-0)
Curtis Barker (19-0-2) vs. Luther Smith (20-1-1)

Saturday, March 17th, Showtime (10:00 PM, EST)
Johnny Tapia (48-2-2) vs. Cuahtemoc "Famosito" Gomez (48-8)
Oscar Larios (39-3-1) vs. John Lowey (27-2)

Sunday, March 18th, Univision (3:00 PM, EST)
Angel Manfredy (35-5-1) vs. Juan Macias (26-12-1)

Sunday, March 18th, FOX (6:00 PM, EST)
Ray Mercer (27-4-1) vs. Don Steele (43-2)
Lawrence Clay-Bey (12-1) vs. Ken Murphy (21-2-1)

Today's Updates: we updated The Boxing Wise Preview section with some good fights, which preview and predict a winner. The The Boxing Wise Odds have also been updated with two new fights added to the section. Of course The Boxing Wise Schedule has undergone it's daily update as well.

We hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy's the fights. Be sure to return on Monday for a update to our popular "Pugtales" section where we stack up and compare the class of 1991 against today's best boxers. Which year was better?

(Photo Courtesy of REUTERS/Steve Marcus)

Boxer of the Week: "Sugar" Shane Mosley who made Shannan Taylor look much worse than he actually is in his dominating 5th round TKO win.

On this weekend in boxing history

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