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Ringside with Boxing Wise.

 With the continued success and expanding popularity of Boxing Wise we 
 will now feature live reporting from boxing events. Boxing Wise will 
 have pre and post fight coverage from various venues, along with ringside 
 analysis. We wish to thank Top Rank, America Presents, Don King, Cedric 
 Kushner, Frank Warren, Main Events, Universum Promotions, M&M productions, 
 Bill Mordey, 8-count productions, Bobby Hitz, Ballroom Boxing, Jeff Fenech 
 and Mogens Palle for their help in providing access to their events. 

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                                January 27, York Hall, London, England
                              Main event: Nedal Hussein vs. Delroy Pryce

     It was a night of mixed fortunes for the South Wales fighters on the bill in the 
 atmospheric east end heartland of London boxing, York Hall, on Saturday night. Mountain 
 Ash Light Heavyweight prospect Nathan King, making his pro debut fought a tumultuous 
 battle, over six rounds with the far more experienced, Tony Oakey, before losing a 
 points decision. 

     Enzo Calazaghe trained Bradley Pryce turned in a display of quicksilver power 
 punching in forcing referee Ken Coates to rescue his opponent, Joel Viney thirty two 
 seconds into the third round of a scheduled six in their Lightweight tussle.  Viney was 
 down in both the first and second rounds. Both occasions he fell victim to Bradley’s 
 lightening quick straight punching. He was a game opponent but had no answer to 
 Bradley’s speed and heavy hands. As Bradley himself stated  “any Lightweight in Britain 
 who feels my power is going out.”

     Brother and stablemate Delroy Pryce, fighting Commonwealth Super Bantamweight 
 Champion, Nedal Hussien, was dropped by an outstanding left hook to the body which left 
 him unable to beat the referees count late in the third round. In one of the cruel 
 twists of fate boxing serves up so dramatically Delroy had the better of the opening two 
 rounds. He began aggressively, carrying the fight to Hussien, allowing the taller man no 
 time to settle. With Joe Calzaghe shouting encouragement from ringside he lead with left 
 hooks and impudently, straight rights, avoiding counters with good head movement and a 
 schooled defence. As the round progressed the  Australian Hussien began to counter and 
 employ the jab to greater effect. Yet the points belonged to Delroy.

     More was follow in the second. Through timing and sheer determination Delroy out 
 jabbed the languid Hussien but as the pace slowed both fighters began to instigate 
 clinches. The fight became increasingly bad tempered in the third and it appeared that  
 honours would be even until Hussien crashed home his body shot. It was a wickedly 
 damaging punch and Delroy winced with pain as he took to one knee. After the fight he 
 was dejected but not discouraged. “ I lost concentration for a moment and got caught 
 with a good shot,” he stated before adding, “ but I’ll be back.”

      All three fighters are hoping to be on the undercard for Joe Calzaghe’s return to 
 Wales on the seventeenth of March in Cardiff.

 Promoted by: Top Rank 
 Reported by: Gareth Welch 

January 26, Ballys's Casino, Atlantic City, NJ Main event: Monte Barrett vs. Mario Cawley Tim Witherspoon was victorious in 2 of his most recent three fights in 2000 and was preparing hard for a possible breakout bout against Monte Barrett on January 26th. Unfortunately, a car accident earlier in the week cut Witherspoon's forehead at the hairline. Murad Muhammad's headaches continued when Mario Cawley missed the plane on his way to replace Witherspoon on the card. Cawley's quick thinking got him on a train from Chicago and into Atlantic City. As he looked upon the full audience, Witherspoon said, "I am disappointed about not being able to perform in front the people". "Barrett will be right for me to come back against" Terrible Tim continued. As we talked during the 7th round he stated that he "would do well today" against what he saw Barrett delivering, but "Barrett might be a different fighter with me in the ring". This was the first fight for Monte Barrett after being stopped by Wladimir Klitschko in July. Barrett weighed 211 lbs and started slowly against the shorter Mario Cawley (22-7; 224 lbs). Barrett was holding and cut under the left eye in the second round, but stated working the body and scored with effective uppercuts while keeping Cawley on the ropes in the 3rd. Monte kept his hands busy and appeared in fine condition. Eventually the punches took their toll on Cawley. Mario grabbed Monte in a clinch and threw him on the canvas. As Tony Perez was informing the judges to remove one point from Cawley, trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad was instructing Barrett to keep his cool and box. Eddie's advice was heeded while Monte landed his hardest punches of the evening. Barrett clubbed the tiring Cawley to the canvas and referee Perez immediately called a halt to the contest at 2:34 of the 9th round. Barrett, 24-2; 15 KOs, showed nice boxing and a good mix of punches. Cawley brought some guts with him from the windy city. Realizing that he has lost to Ed Mahone, Lamon Brewster, John Ruiz and Lawrence Clay-Bey, Cawley has a foundation on which he could rebuild. Co-featured Michael "No Joke" Stewart displayed why he should be considered for a top 10 spot in the Junior Welterweight division and why Bally's would love to have him back on future cards. Stewart gathered the loudest audience response and manufactured a methodic piece of work against Joshua Smith (15-3; 14 KOs; 147lbs). Stewart began to swell under his left eye in the second, but his left hook was beginning to land, so Smith had to carefully select his times to throw the right hand. Stewart would either catch him with the hook or set up a nicely toned straight right. Michael, 143 lbs, painted Smith with a one-two and finished with a left hook to the body; later "No Joke" hit him with everything and earned a TKO at 1:28 in the 4th round. Stewart (24-0-2 10 KOs) just turned 23 so he has a little time if the exciting junior welterweight division doesn't open a top ten spot for him soon. His best chance at a top ten ranking is in the WBO, who ranks him #12. Oh by the way, New Jersey's trial period for the Majority Scorecard has ended, they have returned to announcing all three judge's scores and treating them individually. In remaining action: Junior Welterweight Freddie Cadena keeps busy with his second fight in January. This time he stopped Alberto Santiago a nano-second before the final bell. Cadena is 5-0; 4KOs. Santiago is 2-1. Horatio Pitman (2-5; 146lbs) stopped Mujtabba Muhammad (0-2) in the 2nd. Tony Thompson (7-1; 3KOs) toppled 281 lbs Liyadi Alhassan in the 1st. Debuting Jerome Laster beat Ray Praylow by split decision over 4 rounds. Reported by: J.C Cohen
January 25, Michael's Eighth Avenue, Glen Burnie, MD Main event: Dana Rucker vs Derrick Whitley I purposely am starting to think promoter Scott Wagner let the fans have a month break in between shows because the excitement may have been too much if we had a show last month. On this night, which may have been the greatest the ballroom has ever seen and proves why Michael's continues to be a shining example of how an exciting and well put together club show should be. As always, the ballroom was sold out with standing room only. The ballroom which has it many celebrities who always attend the fights and tonight was no different with former IBF Junior Middleweight Champion, Vincent Pettaway, current IBF & UBA Women's Lightweight Champion Isra Girgrah along with Baltimore Oriole great Al Bumbry. The main event was for the Maryland State Super Middleweight was actually a much anticipated rematch between Dana Rucker (12-2-0, 9 KO's) and Derrick Whitley (13-15-0, 6 KO's). In their first meeting, Whitley knocked out Rucker which set up the rematch. This fight would be different especially in the case of Rucker. Rucker was the superior boxer this time around and constantly tagged Whitley who seemed to only go for the one \ punch knockout throughout the fight. When the decision was announced Dana Rucker won the rematch by an unanimous decision (97-93, 98-92, 97-93) and now holds the Maryland State Supermiddleweight Belt. In the CO-feature of the evening and maybe one of the most exciting fights the ballroom has ever seen saw highly regarded Del "The Hatchet" Matchett, (14-2-1, 8 KO's) lose by 10th round TKO by the hands of Manuel Rodriguez, (11-1-0, 8 KO's). Throughout this competitive bout, both combatants landed bombs that rocked each other. Rodriguez was the stalker throughout and Matchett the usual superb boxer changed styles in this fight and decided to slug with his opponent vice box which I have seen him do beautifully. It was a seesaw battle throughout and going into the last round, Rodriguez was up on two of the three scorecards and if Matchett would have taken the round, the best he could have gotten was a draw. Matchett game as ever was just overpowered and with a few seconds left in the round, was caught up against the ropes with huge bombs landing on him. The referee jumped in at the right time and stopped the fight awarding Rodriquez the TKO victory and what I feel was a huge upset win. Some side notes I like to make about the Matchett vs Rodriguez fight are this. I have become very close with the Del "The Hatchet" Matchett over the last year and seeing him get knocked out like that was very emotional to me even though as a reporter I have to be unbiased in my reporting. With that said, I just want to let the readers know that this young man went out on his shield and fought up to the very last second he could and as a true fan of boxing, you can't ask for more. Shortly after the fight, Matchett was taking to the hospital for routine tests and of course I was concerned about his health. Everything turned out all right and the love and support of not only the fans, his team and the commission for one of our own fighters was a very moving thing. This whole entire incident is the reason till my last breath I will be an advocate of a retirement fund for all boxers because their next fight may be their last fight. In the case of Matchett, who by the way is fine and I can confirm this since I just spoke to him on the phone. He will be back and if I know Del, better than ever. The undercard results are as follows: Jr. Welterweight - 6 rds Ebo Elder (7-0) TKO3 Luis Rosales (5-8-1) Lt. Heavyweight - 6 rds Darryl Hollowell (11-9-1) D6 Darrin Whitley (9-15-5) 58-56 Hollowell, 57-57, 57-57 Jr. Lightweight - 4 rds Jose Reyes (4-0) TKO3 Jaime Palma (3-2-1) Jr. Middleweight - 4 rds Tony Jeter (1-0) TKO1 Ervin Fuller (1-2) As always fight fans, keep reaching for the stars and all your dreams can be fulfilled. Promoted by: Scott Wagner Reported by: Brad Berkwitt Matchmaker: Josh Hall
January 20, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV Main event: Floyd Mayweather vs. Diego Corrales A world class pugilist turned into a mega superstar on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather Jr. dealt Diego Corrales a lesson in the sweet science, and took Lennox Lewis' newly coined term "boxingology" to the upper division of everybody's P4P list. The syllabus of Mayweather's dominance included explosive short lefts that sent the previously unbeaten Corrales canvassward a total of five times, when mercifully, his corner had seen enough punishment bestowed upon their fighter in the tenth round. Lost among Mayweather's fabulous footwork and lightning jabs was a disappointing showing on the part of Corrales. Despite following Mayweather around the ring, the economical movement of Diego's leather weapons left the decidedly pro-Corrales fan contingent in a state similar to that of the great depression, probably perplexed at a jab on vacation, and hands that were less busy than the Maytag repairman. Landing single digits in every round, Corrales was like a predator with no teeth. Mayweather out-threw him by an over two to one margin and outlanded him 220-60 overall. The performance by Mayweather will demand the boxing public to again take notice to a fighter who is fulfilling his potential and then some. The most impressive part about Mayweather was the fact that his punches were picking up steam as the fight wore on, using the stamina gained from the 150 miles that he ran to prepare for this fight. In the semi-main event the 7,926 in attendence was treated to a serious barnburner in Jose Luis Castillo vs. Cesar Bazan. An explosive fifth round found Bazan walking into a left uppercut by Castillo that began the undoing of what was a coin toss of a fight. Both Bazan and Castillo left the ring as warriors on this night, with Bazan showing an impressive arsenal himself before bowing down to the WBC Lightweight Champion. The bottom line is that both of these guys do some serious damage and are excellent punchers who would be a difficult challenge to anybody. Castillo's performance will quiet the critics who believed that he still had marginal power even with a 78% kayo record. In earlier bouts, Jackie Kallen's young charge Jose Celaya's stock fell in a majority decision over the 6-17 Mauricio Rodriguez. While Celaya ran his record to 8-0 with only two whacks it is becoming apparent that he will be the kind of fighter who will have a nice career and that's about all. Rodriguez of Houston, TX should have been able to get a draw after pummelling Celaya in the final two round in this four rounder. Earnest Johnson made a pro debut in stopping the 1-5-1 Jamal Hodges late in the second round. Mia St. John (20-0) stopped her easy opponent in the third round. Promoted by: Top Rank Reported by: Whitfield Haydon
January 20, York Hall, London, England Main event: Tonto Tontchev vs. Alexander Alexandrov Dave Walker vs. Ernie Smith There is indeed TNT in the fists of Kid Dynamite but it was the sheer volume of his dazzling combination punching which impressed when he forced Stourbridge journey man Ernie Smith to be withdrawn from their Light Welter contest after just one round. To put it mildly Smith was totally out classed. He looked fit and strong but up against an intensely focused Walker he hardly had a look in. From the outset Walker employed his neat footwork and jab to press the Stourbridge man. As Smith appeared unable to reply the ex Fisher BC fighter visibly began to enjoy himself and treated us to a demonstration of rapid fire, combination punching. He lead with rights to the body, drove in hard left hooks to the ribs and scored with right upper cuts. In an attempt to gain some respite Smith backed into the ropes but Walker, in no mood for clemency, speedily closed the gap and gave him none. A knock out seemed inevitable but a dazed Smith hung on to the bell. He had landed only one punch of note, a right hook which momentarily grabbed Walkers attention but despite not appearing to have been significantly hurt it came as no surprise when his corner retired him. Smith protested but could have no real complaints. With this victory Walker extends his record to 8 wins, 5 coming by way of knock out. He hopes to fight again in February before a proposed challenge for Southern area honours, possibly in the summer. Tontcho Tontchev vs. Anatoly Alexanderov Recently Tontchev has been sparring with Dave Walker and Colin Dunne. I don’t know what they’ve been putting in the water down there in the Lennox Lewis gym because Tontchev went one better than Walker in producing a devastating display of power punching to knock out former European and WBO World Champion Anatoly Alexanderov in just 38 seconds of round 1. (If Dunne had been on the Bill I dread to think what he would have done). There had been speculation that ever since being so brutally knocked out by Acelino Freitas in a World Championship fight that many expected him to win, that Alexanderov was a spent force. Despite this there were many at ringside who were surprised by the ease with which Tontchev brushed the hugely experienced Russian aside. The upright Kazackstan based Russian found himself pushed onto the back foot from the opening bell by the Bulgarian who, as if affirming his greater desire jabbed Alexanderov into a position where he could throw his first right hand. Over the top it came and its effects were ruinous. Alexanderov took it clean on the chin and instantly crumpled to the canvas. Clearly badly hurt he scrambled to his feet at the referees count of 8 but with so long to go in the round he was already beaten. Tontchev for his part proved that he can finish with the best of them when he followed up with another straight right. It connected sickeningly and Alexanderov who went down hard, unconscious on the canvas. As Tontchev began his celebrations there were anxious moments at ringside as it appeared that Alexanderov could be seriously hurt. It was a huge knock out but thankfully he returned with some assistance to his corner, fully conscious, where he was administered oxygen as a precaution. For the talented Tontchev this is undoubtedly the greatest win of his career to date and should secure him a tilt at a World Title. All power to him, but spare a thought for Alexanderov who as countless fighters before him must now be experiencing what it feels like to find yourself at the end of the line. For him though the realisation was all to painful. Promoted by: Frank Warren Reported by: Gareth Welch
January 18, The Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA Main event: Danny Perez vs. Luiz Zaragoza At the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, on Thursday, January 18, Danny Perez of San Diego improved to 22-2 (13 KO's), with a unanimous decision win over Jose Luis Zaragoza, who dropped to 17-4 (8 KO's). The bout was more competitive than the three 99-90 scores of the judges would indicate, however Perez was never in danger. Perez showed the skills that took him to the top ten, however Mosley and Forrest need not worry just yet. Aside from some trading in the 6th and 7th rounds, as well as Perez scoring a knockdown in the bouts closing seconds, the match was relatively uneventful. This may, however, be due to the one-sided fireworks seen on the undercard. "Mighty" Mike Anchondo moved his record to 9-0 (9 KO's), with a 2nd round knockout over Osvaldo Valenzuela, 10-12 (5 KO's). Valenzuela was dropped in the first and second rounds; finally quitting on one knee after the latter knockdown. Undefeated Sergio Mora of L.A. got his third straight points win as a professional win he beat previously undefeated Charles Blake, who now stands at 5-1-1 (1 KO). Both showed skill beyond their limited experience. The same could not be said for super middleweight Sheridan Page of Springfield, MO, and heavyweight Shane Harris of Ventura. Both offered little more than wild rights in exchange at their respective opponents, and were KO'd in 1 and 2 rounds, respectively. Undefeated Librado Andrade stopped Page, and Ebow Pouncey started his pro career well by stopping Harris (also in his pro debut) in two rounds, but not before a rare simultaneous knockdown, which caused more laughter than awe; due to the comical nature of Harris's fighting style, or lack thereof. Promoted by: Roy Engelbrecht Reported by: Chris Strait
January 12, The Sands Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ Main event: Isra Girgrah vs. Sue Mullet In female boxing today, we seem to only see the women that cannot fight on TV and this taints a viewers opinion on the sport. Well, I am here to tell you from first hand account, these two ladies are a credit to the entire sport of boxing both in and out of the ring. Both came to fight and gave the fans sitting in attendance at the Sands Hotel & Casino Copa Room plenty to cheer about. In the first round, both landed some shots but overall, it was feeling out round. Round two saw Girgrah starting to land her lethal right hand and Mullet's jab seemed to be working better for her. Round three saw Girgrah step up the pace and land some of the most wicked uppercuts I have ever seen. With the round closing, Girgrah landed an overhand right that dropped Mullet and caused her nose to bleed. Mullet took an eight count and the round ended. Round 4, Girgrah came out fast and strong pinning Mullet against the ropes and landing several unanswered punches causing the referee to step in and stop the bout at :22 seconds of the fourth awarding the UBA title to Isra Girgrah. Girgrah and the sold-out crowd, celebrated with a roar that shook the boardwalk of Atlantic City. In addition, I would like to add some of my observations of the entire week I spent covering this event. First, I cannot say enough on how much class Isra Girgrah and Sue Mullet showed in and out of the ring. As I said earlier, they are a credit to the sport of boxing and more importantly to our society. Both camps conducted themselves as true professionals during the entire week and this is the side of boxing that we seldom hear about. Instead, the negative is always reported vice the positive. I want to thank the following people who made this reporters trip one I will not soon forget. Casey Dansicker, (Isra Girgrah's manager), Harold Weston, (VIP Boxing), Alfred Luciani, (President & CEO Sands Hotel & Casino), Basil Dicerbo, (Director of Player Development) and the entire marketing team of the Sands Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. I also want to take the opportunity to thank all the Washington, DC and Maryland fans who made the trip to Atlantic City to support our fighters. Without this support, their rise to the top would be a lot harder. In other action: WBC #7 heavyweight Vaughn Bean W10 Abdul Muhaymin; Faruk Saleem W10 Marion Wilson (hvy); Sean Garnett W6 Phillip Thrasher (middle); Marlon Haynes D6 Melvin Jones (welter); Eric Aiken TKO3 Jhovany Collado (feather); Michael Warrick W8 Jamar Carter (welter) As always fight fans, keep reaching for the stars and all your dreams can be fulfilled. Promoted by: VIP Boxing Reported by: Brad Berkwitt

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