Up close and personal with Del "The Hatchet" Matchett

Exciting, professional, and warrior are all words that describe 
up and coming Junior Welterweight, Del Matchett.  I recently 
sat down with Del in my home office and we not only did a great 
interview but come to find out, have lots in common.  One is that 
we are both big movie buffs and secondly and most importantly, 
huge fans of my favorite fighter of all-time, Aaron "The Hawk" 

When Del and I finished our interview, we sat and watched old 
tapes of Aaron that Del had never seen before.  Del being the 
great technician in the ring that he is, really appreciated my 
buddy Aaron's unbelievable talent in the ring.  In fact, I gave 
Del a thrill of a lifetime when I called Aaron and let him talk 
to him.  Aaron as always, was kind to Del and offered him any 
assistance that he could offer to further his career.

Del Matchett Bio:  Del had an extensive amateur career of over 
90 fights and many amateur titles.  He currently is 12-1-1 
(7 KO's) as a professional.  He fights out of Keystone Boxing 
Club in Maryland.  I have become very friendly with the guys at 
Keystone and as we say in the Navy, they run a tight ship.  At 
the helm is, Gene Molovinsky who if that name sounds familiar it 
should.  Gene was the force behind former bantamweight contender, 
Derrick Holmes and lightweight Contender, Tyrone "Butterfly" 

The following is our interview:

Interview by: Brad Berkwitt 

Brad: What inspired you to get into boxing?

Del: I first got into boxing because it was a neighborhood thing.  My 
     cousin took me to the boxing gym.  Since I really didn't play any sports  
     in High School, such as, basketball or football, it gave me plenty of time 
     for boxing.

Brad: What are your observations of the fight game such as contract  
      negotiations, pay and getting fights?

Del: I am easy going and don't complain about the negotiations so it makes it 
     easier to complete them.  As far as getting fights, it's hard to find 
     opponents that will push me to the next level but at the same time, be on  
     my level.  The pay cuts I have no problems with because there are things 
     that I just can't do and the good people around me take care of.  They 
     deserve to get paid what they do.  

Brad: What are your words of wisdom to the young fighter just lacing up the 

Del: When you get into the pro ranks you must be serious about it.  In the 
     amateurs I played around when it came to training.  Right now I am always 
     in the gym and love to train.  By taking this serious, it has built my 
     confidence and taken my boxing skills to another level.

Brad: How was your transition from the amateurs to the pros?

Del: It was fairly easy because a lot of people in the Maryland and 
     Washington, DC area knew me from my amateurs days and in fact many were 
     approaching me to go with them when I turned pro.

Brad: If you could emulate any fighter who would it be and why?

Del: To be honest Brad, I take different things from many fighters such as 
     Oscar Delahoya where he studies an opponent.  I like how Trinidad stays 
     focussed throughout a fight.  Then of course, there is Roy Jones Jr. who 
     is so awkward and you can't tell where he is coming from with his style.  
     Roy is so relaxed and confident in the ring and that is also how Muhammad 
     Ali was. So there is a group of fighters with qualities I would like to 

Brad: How long have you followed boxing?

Del: Brad to be honest I never really have followed boxing except for the 
     really big fights.  

Brad: Who are your top three favorite fighters of all-time and why?

Del: Sugar Ray Robinson because of the great technician he was in the ring.  
     Roy Jones Jr. because I have never seen a fighter be in control of a fight 
     the way he is.  Finally, Sugar Shane Mosley because of speed, power and 

Brad: Who do you pick in the upcoming Oscar Delahoya vs "Sugar" Shane Mosley 

Del: I have to go with Mosley.  I feel someone is going to get knocked out 
     in this fight and I think Shane is the one going to knockout Oscar.

Brad: What is the greatest fight you have ever seen and why?

Del:Well, I don't follow much boxing but out of the fights that I have seen 
     I would say Erik Morales vs Marco Antonio Barrera.  There was so much 
     action in that one and Marco should have gotten the decision.

Brad: Do you favor a mandatory retirement fund for all boxers?

Del: I think there should definitely be one Brad.  It's like the full-time 
     Job I work I put money a way in a 401 K.  We should have insurance as 
     well. I know the risk is high for an insurance company but we need to do 
     something about insurance too.  I feel the same as you do Brad with paying 
     in at day one of your pro career.

Brad: What went through your mind the very first time you stepped into the 
      ring as a professional?

Del: I felt very comfortable in there as I did when I was an amateur.  One 
     funny thing I do recall Brad, is my first opponent had a beard and our 
     faces rubbed up against each other and it felt so funny.  It dawned on me  
     that we were not wearing any headgear as we did in the amateurs.

Brad: Even though you don't have the opportunity to fight in 15 round 
      matches today, would you like to see them reinstated?

Del: Yes I would.  If they could fight that long in the old days than why 
     not today? I was really into 15 rounds fight back in the day.  I know they 
     dropped the rounds because of safety reasons but the 13th - 15th were the 
     true championship rounds to me.

Brad: What do you think females in boxing?

Del: They are getting paid way too much.  I wish I could get paid as much 
     as them.  The talent is not there in the female fighters from what I see 
     it's more entertainment than boxing.

Brad: Do you have a particular location you want to fight at one day and why?

Del: I want to fight in Las Vegas because I have never been on the West 
     Coast to fight and everyone always goes to Las Vegas to see the big fights.

Brad: How many fights do you feel a fighter should have before he challenges 
      for a world title?

Del: I feel he should have 20 fights.  I can only answer this in regard to 
     me and feel the way my career is going I will be ready to challenge for a 
     world title after 20 fights.

Brad: How do you feel about boxing going back to the old days when there was 
      only one title and one real world champion?

Del: I think it should be one title because you're the King of the Hill.  
     That is one heck of an accomplishment to be the one world champion out 
     there in your respective weight class.

Brad: After you achieved or attempted to achieve all your goals in boxing.  
      How would you like your fans from the start to remember you?

Del: Remember me as a person who got the glory from Jesus!  In addition, a 
     fighter that came in the ring always ready to fight.

Brad: Finally, what is the saying that you try to live by?

Del: I can show you better than I can tell you!

Del would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to some of the 
close and dear people to his heart that helped him get to where he is at and 
where he is going. His Grandmothers, Ella Daniels and Arneter Matchett. 
Bestfriend James Sturdivant II and his Pastor James E. Sturdivant of the Faith 
United Ministries.

For more information on this exciting young fighter and his boxing club go to 
Key Stone Boxing. If you send Keystone an email tell them you heard about them from Brad. As always fight fans, keep reaching for the stars and all your dreams can be fulfilled

Brad Berkwitt