Miscellaneous boxing links

Here are the best boxing sites that I have found while surfing the net for boxing information.

Here we go!

Boxing Links 2002 *** NEW *** NEW ***
A niece begining for a boxing links page, stay tuned as they update.

1970's Heavyweights
Man this is a great site!! A must see for the fans of the greatest era for heavyweights. Has rankings from 1960 to 1980 over 200 heavyweight records of the era's best fighters and much more!

All-Time Heavyweight Ratings 1881-2001
What a great website!! Here is a unbiased results based listing of the best 1432!! heavyweight boxers of all time. This is a on-going and expanding list (and website) so bookmark it and visit often.

A.N.D. World Boxing
Another great German based boxing site. This one is in both English and German and full of useful info on German and European boxing, plus a heavyweight schedule & results page.

Andy's boxing page
Pictures, opinions, rankings, forums and links. Everything that a great boxing web site needs to have is there. Definitly worth the time to check out!!!!

Boxing 101
Another boxing fans page, and as I say fans put out the best websites. Defintly worth the time to check out.

Boxing Addresses
This site offers an extensive list of boxing addresses. Currently over 900 addresses. The list includes addresses for boxers (current and retired), managers, promoters, referrees, etc.

Boxing news and opinion by the people for the people. I really like the idea and presentation of this site!

Boxing Fights on VHS
The collection is limited to 10 star boxers and their bouts but if you need to round out your collection this is a good place.

Original boxing photographs for sale. Good selections of champions available, with European boxer prominently featured also.

Boxing Fanatics
Another great fan site! Has great artwork, boxing predictions contests, one of the better message boards I have seen with good fans, writers, fight trades page, and more.

Boxing Monthly Magazine
A MUST HAVE boxing monthly for the best European, and perhaps best boxing news anywhere. The site also features FREE on-line articles from their magazine.

Boxing on line
Best feature is FREE service where they will e-mail boxing results to you.

Boxing Records Archive
Very great place to search out boxer records from the past and present, boxers are cross indexed very well. Also features a Forum, results and news.

Boxing's finest on-line
A great all in one boxing site. Mostly news based but they also have a great Ring Card Girls section along with some good looking T-shirts for sale.

Boxing Jungle
Site has it all. Monthly awards, preview and reviews, pound for pound, links and what I like the most some good and opinonated writers.

Headline news for the boxing fan. Updated almost daily and reports on all the major stories surrounding our favorite sport.

BoxingMatch UK
A great site still in development. Best feature is the ability to find sparring partnes by weight, age, experience, region or number of bouts using their search engine. A great idea which I hope is copied in the USA.

Braggin Rights Boxing Corner
Great new site with interviews, predictions pool and opinionated writers - who could as for more. Very good start!

Caramel Colored Kings
Great site about forgotten black prizefighters between 1800 and 1930. This site will give a small glimpse into their lives which a upcoming book will totally reveal.

Cass Boxing League
This is a boxing league I run using the commercially available "World of Boxing" simulator. Boxers are created they simulate professional boxing here. This league is always evolving, like real boxing.

Championship Boxing
A new site with some room to grow. Has news, predictions, Pound-for-Pound, Top Heavyweights and a interesting scorecards section which I have not seen anyone else do!

Cyber boxing zone
One of my favorite pages! Un-challenged as the number 1 site on the net when searching for boxing history. Plan on spending hours when you visit this site!!!

Daryl's Boxing Forum
Gotta love this page, I think that the real boxing fans (which this guy obviously is) make the best websites, since we know what we want.

Derek's championship boxing
There is only one problem for most people with this page, it is in German. Still I encourage everyone to go to this site click on the differnt sections and eventually you will see the names of fighters and see the great work the site's editor has done in listing their carrer records. Also has current rankings for all organization and much more. Worth a look for sure!

Dmille's boxing message board
Well everyone knows I cant get enough of Boxing message boards and here is another good one. It needs you however, so stop by today and give some opinions.

The Eight count
Page has only been active for 3 weeks but is off to a impressive start. Features pound for pound, predictions, news, results and more.

Electronic Boxing Monthly
Looking for a great boxing site to spend hours in and download Pictures and sound files? THIS IS THE PLACE....great stuff.">Online sports: boxing section

The Boxing Ring
Has everything Links, upcomming fights, results and my favorite section PREDICTION's. Check it out!

Enrique H's boxing page
Fighter interviews; pictures; message board; tape list; a larger P4P and heavyweight ranking list with the reasoning behind the choices. Definitely worth your time to check out!

European Boxing Union
Home of the best run boxing organization in the world. If the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF ran their organizations even half as well as the EBU does boxing would be the number 1 sport in the wolrd.

Evan's Boxing Show
Good page that does a wrap up of the weekly events in boxing. Pretty much discusses the events in and out of the ring in the world of Boxing.

Fantasy boxing by: Fanatic Boxing
On this site managers create their own gym using real fighters. Based on actual results managers compete for a \\$500 cash first prize and great boxing prizes.

Fight Game Magazine
Watch out! Bert Sugar and Fight Game magazine are now on the internet. If you have not yet seen the new magazine this will be a good introduction to the excellent publication.

Fight night!
Debut's April 13, 2000 with LIVE video and audio coverage on boxing events on the internet. I hope this catches on!!!

Fight T.V
This is the best way to find out what fights are on T.V in your area.

Flyweight champions of the 1920's and 1930's
The title says it all. A very well done sight dedicated to the small men in the early part of the century. I would love to see alot more sights like this!!!

Grant Boxing Equipment
This company Has made fast progress as a boxing supplier with its quality products.

Graphic Witness: Ruben "Hurricane" Carter
Is Ruben "Hurricane" Carter really innocent? Take a look at this website which counter balances the Hollywood version.

Graves sites of Famous boxers
O.K this link is kind of odd, it lists locations of grave sites for famous sport figures. Several famous boxers are listed and I put this link on the page in case some fans might want to pay their respects to the old timers listed here. Found this site thru someone at REC.BOXING....thanks to whoever posted that.

Hammering Hank's Boxing 101
A site devoted to helping amateur and novice boxers with ring tips on controlling your fears and emotiongs in the ring. Also lists his favoruite boxers.... I like his choices !!

Heavyweight homepage
Site is small right now but I have a feeling it can become a favorite with people and I think the webmaster will get it done. Has photos, rankings (inlcudes the IWBR rankings which more people should feature), a predictions page a news and gossip area.

Fantastic site with everything the boxing fan needs, previews to to HBO fights along with schedule and results to most fights from around the world. Also take advantage of scoring the big fights online. HBO lets you be the judge.

House of pain Boxing Page
Take a look at this great page. It has Fight List, Pound for Pound, Upcoming Bouts, Boxing Links, Fight Predictions, boxing Equipment, Photo Gallery, Boxing Facts, Fight Trades, and a Boxing News Section.Some great work done at this site!

The International boxing Hall of Fame
The official site of our Shrine.

Internet Boxing Records
great records archieve where the best of yesterday are featured....very well done! A good boxing history lesson here.

Jeff's World Boxing page
Articles updated weekly as well as before and after big events. Also features polls and quiz's, worth your time to check out.

Knocksta's Boxing Page
If only this page was in English!!! Still a great site worth your time to check out with plenty of boxing history, niece feature is his "least favorite" to go along with his favorites.

Larry Tornambe: Boxing Ring Announcer
Michael Buffer and Jimm Lenon Jr. busy? Here is the next man to call and will be among the big time announcers list soon.

Lords of The Ring
The latest boxing news from a british perspective and a still growing list of bio's on the great boxers of the past.

Masis Boxing Belts
Meet the people who produce IBF, WBO, IBO, IBC and NABO championship belts! Check them out and see if you want a belt for your organization.

Mr. Naz's Boxing Site
The best part of this page is the boxing message board, which is visited by some knowledgeable regulars. Also features predictions, dream bouts, rankings and news. Overall a good site created by a great fan!

MSNBC Boxing Message Board
Looks pretty good! They also seem to have healthy collections of fans who attend the board and post regularly.

Punch by Punch
All the news fit to print :-) News site with P4P and other sections. Still growing but worth keeping your eye on.

Retired Boxers Foundation
A long overdue foundation that concentrates on the life of boxers after the cheering has stopped for them! Please check this site out, it is definitly worth your time.

RingP4P's Boxing Page
A great start for this page. Up less than a month and already full of good opinions. Has 10 sections devoted to boxing with the future stars standing out to me. Worth your time to check out.

Ringside Judges
Think you can pick the winner in every fight? Go here and win prizes if you can! Also includes fight reports and chat section, with more to come.

Ryan "Kid Smooth" Wissow boxing page
Great looking page put out by a active boxer, watch him as he progresses. Opinions, links, boxing ratings, schedule and more.

Saddo's Boxing Page
One of the big boxing news sites better snap this guy up before he outdoes them. Very good page with tons of info!

Southern California fight scene
A new boxing magazines devoted to all the local shows in Southern California. Sounds like a great idea, Hope it cathces on with tha fans!

Standing Eight Online
Great site featuring news, polls, schedule and ratings. This site stands out because it also devotes time to amateur boxing and their features and "Pug Culture" are fresh new ideas.

Strategy Boxing
Brand new site well worth your time. This sites promotes it game BUT OFFERS much more. My favorite features are of course the message board and chat room. Having Bert Sugar featured as a writer on your page helps also. Overall a great new site and it is not even complete yet!

Undernet #boxing
Undernet #boxing is a forum for discussion of boxers, fights and fight news of the past and present. Whenever possible, we also try to provide blow-by-blow commentary and updates on bouts as they happen.

World Boxing
Former Hong Kong champions now has his own page where he details amateur boxing and boxing in general. A good site with interesting information.

World Heavyweight scene
The best boxing site devoted to the heavyweights only. Great stuff with results summary, a top 30 ranking, schedule, profiles and more. A must see for heavyweight fans.

World of Boxing
The latest news, software, reviews, special events. Be sure to sign up and receive their boxing news via E-mail and download a demo of their boxing game for FREE. A great new website to visit!!!!