My favorite boxing news links.

Here are the best boxing news sites that I have found while surfing the net for boxing information.

Here we go!

The Sweet Science of Boxing ***NEW *** NEW *** NEW ***
Brand new site with a good look to it, once it fills out with writers it should be worth bookmarking

Mixes news and opinion brilliantly! From the people who brought you
There is no competition for this site when it comes to giving the boxing fan the latest news. Updated more frequently than the others and thus makes itself number 1 because of it.

Seconds out
Has really improved of late with many fan friendly additions and world wide reports which takes more than just the American Fight scene into account. This sets them apart and the perfect compliment (some would say alternative) to!

Boxing Talk
Just when I thought there were too many boxing news sites this one proves me wrong. Great mix of articles and original content.

Total Action Fight Page
Good Lord!!! Incredible selection of links to the latest news stories and other boxing resources. Be prepared to stay at this site for hours. This site along with, and gives the boxing fans all the news we can handle!!!

Mr. Boxing
The Best site for information on the European fight scene. No one else even comes close.
If there is breaking boxing news this might be the site to find it first since the people provide the new and do not have to wait for a webmaster to post it!
Based in Spain this site is what it claims to be..... addicting for Spanish readers!

A collection of all the top boxing news stories gathered in one central location.

British Boxing
The title says it all! A must see for the fan of English boxers and seems to be updated almost every day also has a good data base of records.

Oriental Boxing (By Joe Koizumi)
Finally a site that is dedicatd to the much neglected Asian boxing scene.

German Boxing News
Great page! With news, schedules, and good bio's on the the best and newest fighters comming out of Germany. Germany is experiencing a boxing boom and this page should keep you up to date on it.

Irish Boxing News
Here is the home of The Real Fighting Irish!! Simply has it all, if you are looking for Irish boxing info go no further.

Eastside Heavyweight Boxing News
Here is the site every heavyweight boxing fans should rush to see. If it is over 200 pounds it will be featured here!

Net Boxing
Established in 1996 this is the only french boxing page that is updated on a regular basis. Text is entirely in French but if you can read French this is a site you must visit.

Danish Boxing
Very well done site. Contains profiles on Danish boxers and a very useful boxing forum.

Danish Top Boxing
The Danes love their boxing! Here is another great site to visit with plenty of things to check out.
A boxing news sites featuring the latest news, interviews and more. Also offers some extras for the fans to take part in like your own E-mail, picks contest, chat and fight trades through boxingfanatics.
Pretty much the Spanish speaking version of Updated daily with the latest boxing news.... only in Spanish.

Well if anything is missed at it will be found here. Very informative and also covers some kickboxing news. In Spanish only.

Another Spanish language only site for boxing news. Sets itself apart by offering boxing equipment for sale.

Taino Box
For the latest news and reviews of Puerto Rican boxers around the world this is the site to visit. Very well done!

El Nuevo Dia San Juan
For the latest news on the Puerto Rican fight scene check this newspaper site out. Updated frequently which makes it unique among newspapers..... unfortunately it is in Spanish only.

The Oceanic Boxing Association
Page devoted to the Oceanic boxing scene. Very well done with stories, rankings and links.

The Unofficial Australian Boxing page
This page is just getting started but shows a lot of promise and has a informed webmaster. Go here for your first look at the new talent coming out of Australia.

Brazilian boxing page "Panorama do Boxe Brasileiro"
Brazil looks to have some good fighters coming up led by the Freitas brothers. This page is in Portuguese ONLY but a great link for everyone not just our Portuguese speaking friends.

New Mexico Boxing
You other U.S states better get of your asses and try to duplicate this excellent site! New Mexico boxing news, results, schedule, photos, gyms, promoters and boxer all part of this site.

Primer Lugar Boxeo
Great source for the top news stories in Latin boxing.

Standing Eight Online
Great site featuring news, polls, schedule and ratings. This site stands out because it also devotes time to amateur boxing and their features and "Pug Culture" are fresh new ideas.

Ron Gerrard's Stright Jab
Staight jab is a radio, television and internet show out of Las Vegas with fighters, trainers, refs and promoters come to talk and interact with a live audience.

A very good site best feature is it's writers and occasional on-line chat with boxing celeberaties.

Boxing Las Vegas
The best information on Vegas fight's anywhere on the net. Las Vegas is the center of boxing and this site covers the Vegas fight and also other fights inside and out.
This site is still a bit bare for now but does have a valuable archieve of boxing news stories which make it worth the visit alone.
Headline news for the boxing fan. Updated almost daily and reports on all the major stories surrounding our favorite sport.

Punch by Punch
All the news fit to print :-) News site with P4P and other sections. Still growing but worth keeping your eye on.

Evan's Boxing Show
Good page that does a wrap up of the weekly events in boxing. Pretty much discusses the events in and out of the ring in the world of Boxing.

CBS Sports page on boxing.
A decent chat room not as good as ESPN's but still not bad.

The House of Boxing
Great new edition to boxing on the web. Plan on spending alot of time here reading their, Original rankings, schedule, boxer profiles, rising stars, video highlights, ring records and more. Easy to navigate and worth your time to check out!

Electronic Boxing Monthly
Looking for a great boxing site to spend hours in and download Pictures and sound files? THIS IS THE PLACE....great stuff.
The only site you need to cover womens boxing! Has it all and from now on I will refer all questions on womens boxing to them.