Scott "The Sandman" Pemberton

Scotty as Vinny Pazienza calls him fondly, is one of those guys 
that gives you his all each time he steps into the ring.  He is 
an up and coming prospect and as I found out during our interview, 
more than willing to give his many thoughts on boxing. 

Look for his upcoming fight on June 30, 2000, on ESPN2 live from 
Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuext, Cranston, Rhode Island.  Scott will be 
taking on tough veteran, Glenwood "The Real Beast" Brown for 
Pemberton's EBA Super Middleweight Title.  

                      Scott Pemberton's top ten Super Middleweights

1. Sven Ottke: I sparred with him when I went to Germany and he isn't a big 
               puncher but, all around he is just a good fighter.  

2. Charles Brewer: Talking with Sven, he told me that he barely beat Charles.   
                   Charles has a big punch and when he is on, he can beat the 

3. Byron Mitchell: He has a lot of power and like Charles, when he is on, he 
                   can really fight.

4. Thomas Tate: He is a tough veteran and recently knocked out a tough 
                Anthony Andrews. 

5. Glenn Catley: I really don't know that much about him but, he recently 
                 beat a tough Marcus Beyer. Catley is undefeated.  

6. Marcus Beyer: He is a southpaw and had over 200 amateur fights.  I 
                 sparred with him and he is a very tough guy.

7. James Butler: He only has one loss to a guy who I knocked out in the 
                 fourth round, Richard "The Alien" Grant.  He holds a big win 
                 over Arthur Allen who he just beat the heck out of.  

8. Eric Lucas: He went the distance with Roy Jones Jr.  and anyone who can 
               do that, is pretty tough.  

9. Omar Shieka: Tough guy!

10. Tied for ten is Dana Rosenblatt, Kabary Saleam and Vinny Pazienza.  I 
    think Vinny could probably beat Omar Shieka.  All of these guys are tough.

Bio on Scott Pemberton: Scott is currently (20-2-1, 16 KO's) and holds 
                        the EBA Super Middleweight Title.  Scott is currently 
                        ranked number 11 in the IBF, and number 1 in the 
                        NABF.  He is promoted by, Jimmy Burchfield of Classic 
                        Entertainment & Sports, Inc.

Interview by: Brad Berkwitt

Brad: To date, would you say that Glenwood Brown is your toughest opponent?
Scott: Yes!  

Brad: What is your prediction for the fight?  If you win, what does it do 
      for your career?

Scott: I think if I win, it moves me up in the rankings.  My prediction is I 
       win an unanimous ten round decision.

Brad: What inspired you to get into boxing?

Scott: It's been in my family for two generations.  When I was kid I was 
       always trying my hardest and you would have someone else who would not 
       on the team.  I decided I wanted to box because than I could not have 
       anyone to blame for me coming up short other than myself.  But as I 
       found it in boxing, you need a team which includes a trainer, promoter,  
       and manager which I learned after I really got into boxing.

Brad: What are you words of wisdom to the young fighter just lacing up the 

Scott: Keep your chin down and your hands up!  Conditioning is one of the 
       most important things.  You get in there with a fighter better than you 
       but he is not in condition like you, you're going to get him sooner or 

Brad: If you could emulate any fighter who would it be and why?

Scott: Roy Jones Jr. or Sugar Shane Mosley.  Roy is arguably the best 
       fighter to ever walk this earth, other than maybe, Sugar Ray Robinson.  B
       Back in the day you had  evenly matched fighters such as Tommy Hearns, 
       Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, and Marvin Hagler.  Today, there is no 
       equal to Roy. He has cat like reflexes and when he is motivated, he is 
       just great.  Sugar is just one tough guy and his win over Oscar proved 
       that fact.

Brad: How long have you followed boxing?

Scott: I have followed it for the last 15 years, maybe longer.

Brad: Who are your top three favorite fighters and why?

Scott: Sugar Ray Robinson.  He overcame all the obstacles back in the day.  
       Ray was the only man I have every seen kill a man in the ring and still 
       be able to fight on like it did not effect him.  It may have, but to me, 
       he did not show it.  Most guys who kill someone in the ring seem to 
       never fight again the same.  His record says it all Brad.

       Muhammad Ali.  He was simply the greatest and just moved boxing to a 
       great point.  Roy Jones Jr.  He really hasn't been tested but that's 
       because nobody is out there to challenge him.

Brad: Do you favor a mandatory retirement fund for boxers?  If so, what 
      would you like to see?

Scott: Definitely!  I think boxing is a very dirty sport at times.  There 
       are too many governing sanctions and organizations controlling boxing.  
       Some promoters are taking the sport away from the athletes.  It's not 
       like the NBA and the NFL, where there is only one governing sanction.  
       If you get hurt in one of those sports, you're going to get taken care  
       of.  I don't have health insurance they do in big sports.  The major 
       problem is that most fighters do not have any education and they get 
       taken advantage of.  Bottom line:  I totally agree Brad, it should be 
       paid in from day one.

Brad: Even though you have not had the opportunity to fight in 15 round 
      fights, would you like to see them reinstated?

Scott: Not really. I was told that they shortened them because of safety 
       reasons.  I don't think it needs to be more than 12 rounds in a 
       championship fight.

Brad: Do you have a particular location you would like to fight at and why?

Scott: I would have to say Las Vegas at the MGM Grand on a PPV event making 
       a couple of million dollars.

Brad: How many fights do you think a fighter should have before he 
      challenges for a world title?

Scott: I don't think there should be any stipulations on the amount of fights.  
       It depends on the class they have faced in the ring.  

Brad: How would you feel about boxing going back to the old days when you 
      had one belt and one world champion?

Scott: I don't really think there should be just one title because it takes 
       away the chances for a fighter to make big money and get his shot at a 
       world title.

Brad: Do you feel that the ranking systems need to be revised, and if so, 
      what changes would you like to personally see?

Scott: They need to take out who your promoter is and who you know to get 
       ranked.  There are guys out there who can fight and because they don't 
       have the big names in their corner, they just don't get ranked.

Brad: What is the greatest fight you have ever seen and why?

Scott: Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas.  Lot's of people said Mike did not 
       fight at his best.  Brad, I watched that fight over and over again.  
       Buster would have beaten anybody that night.  He did everything right in 
       there.  In fact, if he was like that today, I think he would beat Lennox 

Brad: In all your years of following boxing, what is the most brutal knockout 
      you have ever seen and why?

Scott: Ray Mercer knocking out Tommy Morrison.  He just hit Tommy like 12 
       times after he was already knocked out on his feet.

Brad: After you achieved or attempted to achieve all your goals in boxing.  
      How do you want your fans to remember you?

Scott: That I was a human being just like them.  No better or special than 
       they are.  

Brad: Finally, what is a saying that you try to live by?


Scott wanted to add the following: He would like to encourage people to donate 
to the cure of spinal cord injuries.  In my lifetime, I would love to see them 
find a cure.  

Final notes:  Scott as you read is very outspoken and a fighter that 
              works hard at his craft.  From talking with him, I feel that his 
              head is straight and if he wins the title, he will add much to 
              the coveted championship belt.

I would like to thank Jimmy Burchfield Scott's promoter, for asking me to do 
this interview.

As always fight fans, keep reaching for the stars and all your dreams can be 

Brad Berkwitt