My favorite boxing promoter and gym links

Here are the best promotional sites that I have found while surfing the net for boxing information.

Here we go!

Team Palle *** NEW *** NEW *** NEW ***
Denmark's oldest, best and most popular promoters are now online.

Tundra Promtions *** NEW *** NEW *** NEW ***
In Spain there is no one puts on as many or as high quality boxing evenes as Tundra Promotions.

AB Stars
France's largest and most successful promoter is now online. Site is both in French and English, very well put together!

Amateur International Boxing Association
The official site of the Amateur International Boxing Association. A lot of information on a well set up and great looking website.

America Presents Promotions
Offical website of America Presents promotions. Great looking site with news on all their boxers, bio's, schedule and more.

American Association of Professional Ringside Physician's
The first medical organization dedicated to the health and safety of the professional boxer. Very interesting site, check it out.

Cougar Boxing Club
Located in Edmonton Canada. A great place for amateurs to train. Website has good information on upcoming events, results and links.

The Dallas boxing club
Great site with a chat page, polls, booksales, and links. If you are in Dallas check them out! Defintitly worth the time to look at this page.

Dion Jordan Productions D.C Boxing
Great website dedicated to boxing in D.C! Has everything from amateur to pro boxing, info on area gyms and much more.

Impressive site for this Hungarian newcomer.

Fightime Promotions
New Zealands biggest and best promotional organization. Site is very well done and easy to navigate.

Keystone boxing
Promoters of Maryland, Washington D.C and Virginia are boxers. Great info on the site with boxer bio's, schedule of their events, results, links and contact information. Good stuff.

Official Don King productions website
Want the latest news about Don King's fight cards? Then check out this site which is full of great info.

Mouthpiece Productions
Promotional company in California who represents fighters such as Kevin Kelley, Oba Carr, Carlos Navarro, Ed Mahone and Pedro Pena.

Polish Boxing Promotions
See the newest boxers coming out of Poland. Site features latest news, press releases and archieve. Some good talent is coming out of Poland so keep a eye on this site.

Prince Ranch Resort
Looking for the a great place to train only 15 minutes from Vegas? This is the place! Champions like Wayne McCullough and Arthur Williams use the facilities on a regular basis and they also have a impressive line up of female boxers who train there. Worth checking out.

SJC Boxing
Website of SJC Boxing a Florida promotional outfit who promote hot prosepect Freeeman Barr among others. Very good site that has news, bios and more. If you have boxers who are looking for matches check this site out.

The Dean Stone website
Home on the web for Dean Stone a up and coming ring announcer. If Michael Buffer is not available give him a call.
Cutman and boxing trainer Dave Tenny
Check this page which features the cutman to fighters such as Kevin Kelley, Oba Carr, Jake "The Snake" Rodriguez and many others. Great pictures and a decent link page.

University Boxing Club
18 pages devoted to pro and amateur boxing in the Miami area of Florida. Good looking page well worth following for other amateur boxing clubs.

Team Vester Boxing
Putting on a challlenge to the dominant Palle promotional stable in Denmark and have beaten them to the internet!

Wreckingcrew Boxing
Looking for a good corner team to help you in your next fight? Check out this page for everything you need! Site also contains updates, fight info, pictures, etc.