"Ferocious" Fernando Vargas

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Delivering Italian boxing to the world. "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas is the youngest jr. middleweight champion ever and currently has a unblemished record of record 16-0 with none of his professional opponents having lasted long enough to hear the final bell. Most rank Vargas as the best jr. middleweight in the world with David Reid coming in at a close second. After 14 fights Fernando Vargas took a large step up in competition to fight for his first world championship, defeating the most dangerous champion available in Yori Boy Campas via 7th round TKO. Vargas has quickly established himself as a aggressive main event fighter with power in both hands and the kind of "Machismo" that Latin fight fans love to see in their ring hero's. Many big money fights with David Reid, Oscar DeLahoya, Felix Trinidad or Bernard Hopkins loom in the future for Fernando Vargas if he can keep wining and avoid any upsets.

BW: At what age and why did Fernando Vargas began his boxing career?

Vargas: I started at age ten, I was always getting into trouble for 
fighting and getting suspended, so one day when I was suspended I was 
watching T.V and I saw amateur boxing on a local channel, I found out that 
there was a boxing gym here in Oxnard, I went there and fell in love. Here 
would not get into trouble for fighting! I thought that was great!

BW: You had a great amateur carreer, but you failed to catch the 
Olympic Gold Medal. What did it mean to you?

Vargas: Well I was really hurt, I mean I thought that there wasn't 
going to be any trouble with the scoring, but that wasnt the case! I lost 
to a score of 7 to 8 and NBC did an analisis of the fight and had me scoring 
10 to 15 punches without the judges given me a point! And let's say the 
score was 7 to 7 they would have gone to the undercards, and in the 
undercards I was the winner on all cards. So I don't understand how I 

BW: You have a record with no losses and the knockout ratio is 100%. 
Do you think that this could put some pressure on you in always trying for 
the knockout solution?

Vargas: I don't ever look for the knock out, but they have all come, 
I get ready for a 12 round fight everytime I train for a fight. So when the 
time comes and I have to go 12 rounds I'll be ready!

BW: The other world jr. middleweight champions are David Reid (WBA) 
and Javier Castillejo (WBC): are you willing to unify the jr. middleweight 
world titles against this guys?

Vargas: I am! But these guys are not willing to do so! We're trying 
to make it right now. But they don't want none! I hope these guy's don't 
stay like this for long!

BW: You are a young champion, you're just 20: do you think you are 
going to move to bigger weight division to gain some more world titles?

Vargas: 21! I feel strong at this weight, my goal is to unify and 
then move up! I don't think I'll be bigger than middleweight.

BW: Would you be available to move down in weight to face Oscar 
De La Hoya?

Vargas: No way! I can't move down! If he ever wants to fight 
(which I doubt) I'll be waiting for him right here at junior middle!

BW: Which boxing style would you adopt to beat him? Oscar showed that 
his chin is not made of steele: would you go for an early knockout against 

Vargas: No, I would love to give him a "ferocious" beating! A K.O 
would be too painless, it's personal to me!

BW: In your opinion, who are the best boxers of this moment, yourself 
not included?

Vargas: Roy Jones, I think he is the best pound for pound no question.

BW: In your corner, besides some other valid people, you have a very 
experienced man in Lou Duva: how important, even for talent loaded fighters 
like you, to have this kind of person in your corner?

Vargas: Lou is more a motivator than a trainer, he gets me up for fights.

BW: When you enter the ring you look like you are very cool and self
confident: is this a thing to impress your opponent or can you really
control the fear and tension before a fight?

Vargas: I have no fear! When I step into the ring and you see me that 
way, that's me! I'm very confident when I step in the ring because I know 
I come 110% ready phisically, mentally, and spiritually!

BW: Do your friends, your family, your girlfriend (if you have one) 
follow you at ringside for your fights?

Vargas: My family and close friends all always there to cheer for me! 
I love that!

BW: Which topics would you use to convince the family of a young 
wannabe fighter to allow him to attend a boxing gym?

Vargas: Well, I wouldn't. I don't think it's up to the parents, I 
mean I never asked my parents to go. I just went!

BW: Many champion of the present and of the past had a very difficult
childhood: personally, do you think this represent a necessary element to
give a fighter the right amount of rage?

Vargas: For me I think the fact that I loved to fight was a plus, I 
had no fear as a kid to fight and i guess I still bring that into the ring 

BW: What does Fernando Vargas do when not training for a fight? How 
do you spend your days?

Vargas: With my family and friends, mainly with my baby boy Fernando 
jr. a.k.a. "papas"! That's the love of my life!

BW: What does Fernando Vargas believe in?

Vargas: Very much in God and La Virgen de Guadalupe! They have done 
a lot of great things for Fernando Vargas. I'm very grateful for what I 
got, I know people of my age only dream of how I'm living so I thank Him 
and Her for everything.

BW: What does Fernando Vargas fear?

Vargas: I don't have any fear for me! Or of anything happening to 
me, I just don't want anything happening to my family.

BW: Do you know any Italian fighter's of the present or of the 

Vargas: Rocky Marciano.

BW: What is your opinion of the Italian fighters you have seen 

Vargas: All I know is that he was very tough! And I loved the fact 
that when he "retired" he "retired".

BW: Who is, in your opinion, the best boxer of all time?

Vargas: I would have to say two, Ali and Chavez (in his prime).

BW: What is in your immediate future?

Vargas: Looking to fight in Jne or July so stay tuned because the 
"ferocious one" is not done bringing you great fights!