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Bobby Chacon, manager Joe Ponce, Promoter Aileen Eaton, Lopez's manager Howie Steindler, Danny "Little Red" Lopez

     Back in the 1920's, the boroughs of New York, due in part to the economic times, 
 were bulging with fistic talent. Ethnic rivalries between Jewish, Italian and Irish 
 fighters created a healthy fanbase and, most importantly, placed bodies in seats in 
 every fight venue on the east coast. Moreover, so deep was the talent pool that, 
 fighters such as Ruby Goldstein, Sid Terris and Tony Viccarelli were not only all world 
 class top ten fighters...but, from the same neighborhood.

     Over the years, as greater opportunities replaced the need to sling leather in order 
 to fill that emptiness in the belly, these tight-knit neighborhood rivalries all but
 vanished. However, half a century later, a dearth of talent emerged on the west coast in 
 the 126 lb. division which, not only took the pacific side by storm, but the world at 
 large. But for these little guys...the world be hanged, for they were vying for bragging 
 rights on historic turf. And for roughly six years, from '71 until '77, the seismic  
 disturbance felt along the coast line and into Mexico could not be soley attributed to 
 the San Andreas Fault, for there was a ruckus going on that could only be described as...


     Before we visit upon these battles of attrition that captivated every die-hard fan 
 of the sweet science, one must understand that interest in the 126 lb. division began \
 tamely enough on a club level between four prospects that were drawing a modest 
 gathering and, who slowly began selling out the small fight venues. This is not to say 
 the featherweight talent began and ended with these young pugs. Indeed, top contenders 
 Clemente Sanchez and Enrique Garcia were banging at the door, veterans like Frankie 
 Crawford, Ray Echavarria and Raul Cruz were still knocking about, as well as upcoming 
 hotshots, David Sotelo and Jose Luis Martin Del Campo. But it was the crowd that was 
 nurturing their local prospects who gave credence to a pugilistic rivalry that 
 eventually fanned the flames of war. And the four combatants who drew this rabid  
 following were, Danny Lopez and Joe Medrano out of L.A., Arturo 'Tury' Pineda out of 
 Mexicali and Valente Vera, fighting out of the border town of Tijuana.

     Lopez, of course, was the little brother of Ernie 'Indian Red' Lopez, who had lost 
 in a world title bid to Jose Napoles the previous year. Lopez was a recognizable name 
 and flaunted by the Olympic Auditorium's PR staff as he bowled them over in his first 
 year as a pro. Ending with a perfect 8-0 record, all KO's, Lopez displayed good scalps 
 shorn from Rafael Lopez and Frankie Granados on the end of his spear.

     Joe Medrano, trained by Jackie McCoy, also ended up 8-0 at the end of the year, and 
 his 6 KO record set up a healthy club rivalry with 'Little Red'.

     Valente Vera of Zacapu, Mexico was the one every canny manager was watching. 13-0 
 with 13 KO's by the end of '71 and, with a KO over Memo Rodriguez on his resume, Vera 
 was looking very dangerous and looking to invade the coast in search of greater dinero.

     And finally, Tury 'The Fury' Pineda, the Olympic staff were now calling him. And 
 without a doubt, Lopez's chief adversary in the brewing war. By the end of the year 
 Pineda was 11-0 with 9 KO's and, with wins over Chuck Spencer and Domi Manalang, things 
 would be going full scale in '72.


     The war moves into high gear in '72 as an international cartel of fighters from the 
 U.S., Mexico, Japan, Canada and the Phillipines look to take the coast for their own. So 
 let's sit back, examine the battles and relive a very, very big neighborhood rivalry.

 Jan. 7  Tury Pineda vs. Masahiko Takahashi.....LA
 Takahashi, looking to invade LA, chooses a rough beachhead in Pineda. Looking brilliant  
 early on, Takahashi wilts under Pineda's resiliant attack and is stopped in 7.

 Mar. 10 Danny Lopez vs. Tury Pineda.....LA
 Those in attendance at the sold out show at the Olympic are treated to an epic battle. 
 In the 'Battle of the Teenyboppers', Lopez draws first blood in the simmering war.
 Stunning Pineda in the first round, Lopez is rocked from pillar to post in the second. 
 They battle on even terms in the third before Pineda rocks Lopez again in the fourth, 
 but finally succumbs to a single left hook by 'Little Red'. 

 May 11 Danny Lopez vs. Jose Luis Valdovinos.....LA
 Another prospect falls in 4 before the power of the Utah bred Lopez.

 May 11 David Sotelo vs. Apollo Yoshio.....LA
 Yoshio, a future world title challenger, and with two recent KO's in L.A., finds the 
 talent pool a little tougher on the next rung. Sotelo holds him to a draw and the 
 Japanese fighter aborts his designs on the turf war.

 May 19 WARTIME NEWSFLASH: Clemente Sanchez KO's Kuniaki Shibata in 3 to take world 
 Featherweight title.....Tokyo

 May 25 Jose L. M. Del Campo vs. Vil Tumulak.....LA
 Del Campo, 'the man with the colorful name', Jimmy Lennon used to say, reverses his only 
 loss via 10 round decision.

 Jul. 1 Raul Cruz vs. Alberto Reyes.....Stockton
 Slick Filipino Reyes slides to 5th straight win since making the coast his home via 12 
 round decision over veteran Cruz.

 July 13 David Sotelo vs. Shig Fukuyama.....LA
 Sotelo is devastating in 8th round KO over talented Fukuyama.

 July 20 Danny Lopez vs. Benny Rodriguez.....LA
 Lopez never gives the slick Rodriguez a chance to warm up as he blows him away in 1.

 Aug. 12 Clemente Sanchez vs. Enrique Garcia.....Monterrey
 Garcia upsets world champ Sanchez in non-title ten rounder. Screams for title rematch.

 Sept. 7 Rafael Lopez vs. Shig Fukuyama.....LA
 Fukuyama can't cut a break in this town, ahead on points he gets stopped in 9.

 Sept. 11 Bobby Chacon vs. Valente Vera.....Anaheim
 Vera, 20-0, 19 KO's, faces down newcomer Bobby 'Schoolboy' Chacon, 12-0, 11 KO's, in a  
 heated affair. And Vera is exposed in 5 brutal rounds.

 Sept. 21 Joe Medrano vs. Masahiko Takahashi.....LA
 Medrano doesn't share the same problems with the Japanese as Pineda did, stopping him 
 easily in 2.

 Sept. 30 Jose Torres vs. Leoncio Meza.....Mexico City
 New noise coming from south of the border as hard banging Torres takes out Meza in 6.

 Oct. 5 Jose L. M. Del Campo vs. Rafael Lopez.....LA
 Lopez can't capitalize on win over Fukuyama as hotshot Del Campo stops him in 3.

 Nov. 9 Bobby Chacon vs. Ray Echavarria.....LA
 Echavarria's claim to never having been down or out in 70 bouts ends here as Chacon is 
 brutally efficient in 1st round massacre. Talk is getting loud over 'Schoolboy'.

 Nov. 30 Joe Medrano vs. Jorge Rodriguez.....LA
 Medrano absorbs four knockdowns and a onesided beating in 10 round loss to a fighter he 
 stopped five months prior.
 Dec. 3 WARTIME NEWSFLASH: Enrique Garcia stopped in 6 in bid for Ernesto Marcel's WBA 
 Featherweight title.....Panama City

 Dec. 16 Clemente Sanchez vs Jose Legra.....Monterrey
 Sanchez loses title on the scales but title bout allowed with WBC blessing. Cuban born 
 Legra batters Sanchez to the canvas ten times before stopping him in the 10th round.


     The entire west coast was now a major 126 lb. hotspot on the planet in '73 with the 
 inclusion of veteran Bantams, Jesus (Chucho) Castillo, Ruben Olivares and Octavio 
 (Famoso) Gomez, who had all recently joined the fray. And now, along with newcomers Art 
 Hafey and Salvador Torres, the engagement was getting hotter. Some heads were turning as 
 word and attention spread...others were turning from the momentum of a left hook.

 Jan. 17 Jose Torres vs. Goyo Vargas.....Mexico City
 Future Featherweight champ Goyo Vargas' old man is none too shabby himself as he upsets 
 big banger Torres over ten.

 Feb. 15 Bobby Chacon vs. Tury Pineda.....LA
 Chacon has much easier time with Pineda than Lopez. Losing only the 4th round, Chacon 
 stops Pineda in 5 as Tury says 'adios' to 126.

 Feb. 28 Bobby Chacon vs. Jose L. M. Del Campo.....LA
 Del Campo screams 'early stoppage' as bout is stopped in 3 in favor of Chacon.

 March WARTIME NEWSFLASH: Howie Steindler, manager of Danny Lopez, 17-0, 17 KO's, turns 
 down $40,000 offer to fight fellow prospect, Bobby Chacon. "We're looking for a world 
 title fight against Jose Legra, not a ten rounder with Bobby Chacon." says Steindler.

 Mar. 30 Bobby Chacon vs. Frankie Crawford.....Anaheim
 Chacon decks Crawford in the first, has trouble with the veteran late, but wins in a 
 unanimous romp as he sets a mercurial pace in the wars.

 Mar. 31 Salvador Torres vs. Raul Cruz.....Mexico City
 Old warhorse Cruz takes hard punching brother of Jose the distance, but loses decision.

 Mar. 31 Art Hafey vs. Valente Vera.....San Diego
 Making his ninth start on the coast since departing Canada, Hafey joins the war at the 
 front as he takes out big punching Vera in 4.

 Apr. 28 Bobby Chacon vs. Chucho Castillo.....LA
 Chacon has some anxious moments with Castillo in the middle rounds but rallies to stop 
 the ex-Bantamweight boss in 10. On the undercard, another former 118 lb. king, Ruben 
 Olivares, now campaigning at 126, stops the east coast's Walter Seeley in 2. I see war 
 clouds brewing.

 May 20 Art Hafey vs. Famoso Gomez.....LA
 In his first start at 126, Gomez drops Hafey twice but is stopped in 6 on a cut eye. The 
 latin fans are none too happy and Hafey leaves the ring under a hail of debris.

 June 7 Joe Medrano vs. Leoncio Meza.....LA
 Pre-fight favorite Medrano decked three times and blown away in the first round. Former  
 prospect appears to be finished.

 June 23 Bobby Chacon vs. Ruben Olivares.....Inglewood
 Considered washed up since losing his Bantam crown, 10-8 underdog Olivares 
 takes 'Schoolboy' Chacon to a school of higher learning. Despite his 19-0 tag with 17 
 KO's, Chacon cannot match late pace of Olivares after being thumped around the mid-
 section during the earlier rounds, decked in the 4th and 9th, and finally retired on his 
 stool at the end of the 9th by sympathetic cornerman, Joe Ponce. There is a new gun in 

 July 10 Valente Vera vs. Julio Leal.....Tijuana
 Vera proves he's still got some sock left, after humbling defeats to Chacon and Hafey,  
 as he takes the Baja state title from Leal in 3.

 Sept. 4 Ruben Olivares vs. Art Hafey.....Monterrey
 Party animal Olivares scoffs at the little Canadian and pays a painful price. Three 
 knockdowns later, Hafey's hand is raised in 5.

 Sept. 14 Jesus Estrada vs. Alberto Reyes.....Guadalajara
 The factory south of the border appears to have produced another prospect in 'Papalero' 
 Estrada as he stops the veteran Filipino Reyes in 3.

 Sept. 27 Danny Lopez vs. Goyo Vargas.....LA
 Although a little quiet in '73, Lopez makes himself heard when he wants to, as he takes 
 out Vargas in 1. 

 Oct. 11 Shig Fukuyama vs. Luis Hernandez.....LA
 Fukuyama resurfaces to take out bright Mexican prospect Hernandez in 4.

 Oct 13 Bobby Chacon vs. Jose L. M. Del Campo.....LA
 Del Campo puts up spirited resistance after bad taste result first time around.  
 Unfortunately for him, heart not quite enough against Chacon as towel from corner  
 terminates activity in the 9th.

 Oct. 25 David Sotelo vs. David Diaz.....LA
 Sotelo looking to get back into the war with impressive 8th round stoppage of Diaz.

 Nov. 6 Valente Vera vs. Rafael Lopez.....Tijuana
 Vera successfully defends Baja state title against Lopez via 8th round stoppage.

 Nov. 29 Shig Fukuyama vs. Leoncio Meza.....LA
 Fukuyama proving to be a real force with 7 round stoppage of Medrano conqueror, Meza.


     The conflict would reach its peak in '74, including the most epic of confrontations. 
 But, for all the battles won, the war was still raging. And, as the old soldiers were 
 dying off, new faces emerged, picking up the gauntlet left behind on the field of honor.

 Jan. 10 Carlos Perez vs. Cesar Sinda.....LA
 Carlos Perez, at 10-1-1 with 5 KO's, was already being called the 'Mexican Gene 
 Fullmer'. Indeed, he looks the part as he takes apart full-fledged Lightweight Sinda in 

 Jan. 17 Danny Lopez vs. Genzo Kurosawa.....LA
 Kurosawa looking to invade LA, suceeds in taking Lopez the distance for first time in 
 his career.

 Jan. ?? Jesus Estrada vs. Enrique Garcia.....Guadalajara
 'Papalero' pounds out 12 round decision over former title challenger Garcia and takes 
 Mexican 126 lb. title.

 Feb. 4 Danny Lopez vs. Memo Rodriguez.....Mexicali
 In what is called 'the Mexican ambush', Lopez, behind on points, rallies to stop tough 
 hombre Rodriguez in the 10th and final round.

 Feb. 13 Jose Torres vs. Tomas Frias.....Mexico City
 Torres, displaying a wee bit of problems with boxers, takes out former conquerer Frias 
 in 10.

 Mar. 4 Ruben Olivares vs. Art Hafey.....LA
 In a hotly anticipated rematch, Olivares whips himself into immaculate condition...and 
 needs it all. Picking himself off the canvas in the 10th, Olivares outboxes Irish Art 
 for the NABF title on a 12 round split verdict.

 Mar. 4 Bobby Chacon vs. Genzo Kurosawa.....LA
 Chacon doesn't share Lopez's frustration with Kurosawa, as he stops him handily in 5.

 Apr. 11 Carlos Perez vs. Shig Fukuyama.....LA
 In what was to be a coming out party, turned into a 'we jumped the gun' fest, as veteran 
 Fukuyama takes apart Perez in the 1st round.

 May 20 WARTIME NEWSFLASH: Art Hafey stopped in 5 by Alexis Arguello.....Managua

 May 24 Danny Lopez vs. Bobby Chacon.....LA
 For the US championship and the newly created 'City title', this was the fight everyone 
 was waiting on. Two years in the making, the two combatants do not let the packed house 
 down as they go at it hammer and thong. Controlling the action in mid-ring and utilizing 
 the newly acquired body shots learned in the Olivares fight, Chacon only falters in two 
 rounds with Lopez pinning him against the ropes, letting loose with his full arsenal. 
 Chacon withers the attack and finally cuts loose at the beginning of the 9th finishing 
 Lopez off at :48 seconds of the round. Could it get any better?

 Jun. 29 Jesus Estrada vs. Enrique Garcia.....Guadalajara
 Estrada goes one better in rematch for Mexican title, stopping outgunned Garcia in 10.

 Jul. 7 Rosalio Muro vs. Goyo Vargas.....Mexico City
 A new face emerges above sea level as Muro stops Vargas in 2.

 Jul. 9 Ruben Olivares vs. Zensuke Utagawa.....Inglewood 
 Although having no designs on the west coast, Utagawa wants the world at his feet as he 
 dukes it out with Olivares for the vacant WBA Featherweight title. Olivares lets no one 
 in the Forum down as he brutally dispatches the Japanese in 7 amid chants of 'el 

 Aug. 1 Shig Fukuyama vs. Carlos Becerril.....LA
 Fukuyama has the Japanese faithful in LA in his pocket while continuing to amaze as he 
 stops future world title challenger Becerril in 10. 

 Aug. 8 Danny Lopez vs. Masao Toyoshima.....LA
 Toyoshima, a recent KO victor over Joe Medrano in Honolulu, drops Lopez early but pays a 
 price for impertinence. Lopez stops the Japanese in 3.

 Sept. 1 Ruben Olivares vs. Enrique Garcia.....Monterrey
 Olivares is deadly in 5th round non-title battering of former Mexican champ Garcia.

 Sept. 2 Valente Vera vs. Goyo Vargas.....Tijuana
 Vargas pulls another rabbit out of his hat with 6th round stoppage of Vera.

 Sept. 7 Bobby Chacon vs. Alfredo Marcano.....LA
 The Olympic pulls a real coup in securing this vacant WBC title fight. In a competitive 
 affair, Chacon takes out the tough former Jr. Lightweight champ with a single uppercut  
 in the 9th. Olivares and Chacon now dual champs and the war drums are near ear-splitting.

 Sept. 19 Danny Lopez vs. Shig Fukuyama.....LA
 Poor Danny, where did it all go so wrong? In tough fight, both combatants cut in the 8th 
 round. However, Lopez cannot come out for 9th due to liniment in his eye. Promoter 
 Aileen Eaton had to be shaking her head.

 Oct. 6 Ruben Olivares vs. Carlos Mendoza.....Juarez 
 Olivares, as usual, takes his non-title fights lightly, as he is dropped twice by the 
 transplanted Panamanian who is now fighting out of Mexico. 'Rockabye Ruben' snaps out of 
 it in time to take out the future world title challenger in the 6th.

 Oct. 21 Rosalio Muro vs. Carlos Murillo.....Mexicali
 In what is called Mexico's Fight of the year, Muro stops Murillo in 6 rounds.

 Nov. 23 Ruben Olivares vs. Alexis Arguello.....Inglewood
 In a battle of legends, the 5'10 Arguello takes a commanding lead over the 5'5 WBA 
 champ, winning the first five rounds. It's all Olivares from there on however, even to 
 the point of battering Arguello in the 10th and 12th. Ahead on points, Olivares walks 
 into a left hook in the 13th and although he rises, it's all over moments later. Mega-
 buck dual with Chacon appears to be history.

 Dec. 20 Art Hafey vs. Famoso Gomez.....Tijuana
 I'm afraid the old war correspondant has to plead ignorance on this one. The anticipated 
 rematch appears to have elicited two separate results. My memory tells me Gomez took a 
 10 round squeaker south of the border. Further results say Hafey stopped the Mexican in 
 3. I lean towards my version, corroborated further by a byline from that era, but enough 
 of a fork in the road for me to hesitate calling it fact. I will welcome further insight 
 on this one from my fellow Fightnuts out there.


     All combatants had hit their stride by '75 and were queuing up for position. Not to 
 mention...the fans queuing up at the box office.

 Jan. 18 Danny Lopez vs. Famoso Gomez.....Anaheim
 'Little Red's' heartbreaking slide continues as he is completely outboxed over 10 rounds 
 by the veteran 32 year old Gomez.

 Feb. 22 Jose Torres vs. Enrique Garcia.....Mexico City
 Torres batters former top contender Garcia in 5 rounds and is now looking northward.

 Mar. 1 Bobby Chacon vs. Jesus Estrada.....LA
 Estrada pins Chacon to the ropes in his bid for Bobby's WBC title and attempts to batter 
 the crown loose from the champ. Bad career move!!!! Chacon gets mad and cuts loose 
 leaving Estrada in a heap in the 2nd round.

 Mar. 22 WARTIME NEWSFLASH: Art Hafey KO's Alfredo Marcano in 4.....Caracas

 Apr. 3 Jose Torres vs. Carlos Becerril.....LA
 After taking an early lead, Becerril ends up straddled across the ropes in the 4th 
 courtesy of one of the hardest bangers in the division.

 Apr. 24 Danny Lopez vs. Chucho Castillo.....LA
 'Lopez is back!' reads the headlines as 'Little Red' wipes out the former Bantam champ 
 in 2 rounds.

 Apr. ?? Famoso Gomez vs. Rosalio Muro.....Mexicali
 Muro out to prove he's for real as he takes a split decision over Gomez over 10 rounds.

 Apr. ?? Raul Cruz vs. Joe Medrano.....LA 
 Former contender Cruz still has a little bit left in the tank as he outpoints former 
 prospect Medrano over 10.

 Jun. 20 Bobby Chacon vs. Ruben Olivares.....Inglewood
 The long anticipated rematch between these two Generals does not live up to expectations 
 as Olivares, in brutally efficient mood, rips weight-drained Chacon to shreds in 2 
 rounds with a left hook that appears to be armed with a heat-seeker.

 Jun. 20 Art Hafey vs. Yambito Blanco.....Inglewood
 Blanco, from Nicaragua, no stranger to west coast rings. Having already duked it out 
 over the past four years with Olivares, Estrada and Gomez and riding a crest, Blanco is 
 unceremoniously annhilated by little Irish Art in 6 and sent to the hospital with facial 

 Jul. 5 Famoso Gomez vs. Rafael Herrera.....LA
 Former Bantamweight champ, Herrera, trying to make a comeback at 126, leaves it too late 
 as his late round assault cannot overcome the slick Gomez's early work over 10 rounds.

 Jul. 18 Alexis Arguello vs. Rosalio Muro.....San Francisco
 Arguello, now beginning to enjoy this California gig, takes out out-gunned Muro in 2 
 rounds in non-title affair.

 Jul. 26 Danny Lopez vs. Raul Cruz.....LA
 The experience of Cruz cannot match Lopez's fire as 'Little Red' takes out the Mexican 
 in 6.

 Aug. 16 Jose Torres vs. Saul Montana.....Mexico City
 Nobody standing up to Torres' firepower, as he blows away former Bantam contender 
 Montana in 3.

 Sept. 30 Ruben Olivares vs. David Kotey.....Inglewood
 Olivares, looking like he trained in every Cantina on his way to the Inglewood Forum, 
 sleepwalks his way through 15 rounds with the Commonwealth champ. Despite going down 
 three times (although he was only counted on one), Olivares still holds Kotey to a split 
 decision, but is an ex-champ nonetheless.

 Nov. ?? Art Hafey vs. Salvador Torres.....Inglewood
 Hafey batters his way through Jose's equally hard-punching brother and takes a solid 10 
 round nod.

 Dec. 4 Ruben Olivares vs. Danny Lopez.....Inglewood
 Danny Lopez goes from faded prospect to top contender in the span of a year as he picks  
 himself off the canvas in the first round to batter his idol Ruben Olivares and stop him 
 in 7 rounds in non-stop thriller.

 Dec. 21 WARTIME NEWSFLASH: David Sotelo loses 10 round non-title bout to David  


     The battles, although still pitched, were fewer as the days of the war began drawing 
 to a close. One couldn't tell from the turnstyles however, for the warring factions were 
 still drawing the inquisitive onlookers as well as the rabid fans. Moreover, a new gun 
 appeared in town by the name of Manny Lujan, a highschooler who had 'the height of 
 Alexis Arguello and the looks of Mando Ramos'. And his added panache didn't hurt the old 
 box office intake at all. 

 Feb. 1 Alexis Arguello vs. Jose Torres.....Mexicali
 World champ Arguello decides to hang around town a little longer than expected, but 
 almost comes unstuck, as the rock-jawed Nicaraguan has to pick himself off the canvas to 
 take non-title ten rounder over Torres.

 Feb. 2 Salvador Torres vs. Rosalio Muro.....Mexico City
 The Torres brothers are the talk of the Pacific side as Sal lifts the vacant Mexican 126 
 lb. title on 5th round KO over slick Muro.

 Feb. 25 Bobby Chacon vs. David Sotelo.....LA
 Chacon decides killing himself at 126 is no longer worth it as he vacates the division 
 after getting dropped twice and battered by Sotelo, but hanging on for razor close 10 
 round decision win.

 Apr. 15 Art Hafey vs. David Sotelo.....LA
 Hafey guns for revenge after Sotelo battering of good friend Bobby Chacon and succeeds 
 in winning tough unanimous ten rounder.

 Apr. 28 Danny Lopez vs. Famoso Gomez.....Inglewood
 After dispatching undefeated prospect (29-0) and future Lightweight champ Sean O'Grady 
 in 4 in February, Lopez's return to prominence cries for him to take care of unfinished 
 business. And he is all business as he batters one time conqueror Gomez in 3 one-sided 

 Jun. 19 Alexis Arguello vs. Salvador Torres.....Inglewood
 In last defense before vacating the WBA title, the division and the wars, Arguello takes 
 out Torres in three brutal rounds. 

 Jul. 16 WARTIME NEWSFLASH: Shig Fukuyama is stopped in 3 rounds by David Kotey in 
 attempt at Kotey's WBC Featherweight title.....Tokyo

 Aug. 6 Danny Lopez vs. Art Hafey.....Inglewood
 In a bout the public had been clamboring for for some time, Lopez and Hafey lock horns 
 at the Forum. However, except for two rounds where Hafey really cuts loose, the bout is 
 one-sided traffic in favor of Lopez as Hafey's corner retires him after 7 rounds. Hafey 
 also retires career after painful hammering.

 Oct. 29 Jose Torres vs. Ney Gordillo.....Reynosa
 Torres not letting Arguello defeat get him down by jumping back on the bike and stopping 
 prospect Gordillo in 8.

 Nov. 13 WARTIME NEWSFLASH: Danny Lopez wins WBC Featherweight title on 15 round decision
 over David Kotey.....Accra

 WARTIME NEWSFLASH: 'Can't miss' prospect Manny Lujan tailspins after losing to veterans 
 Ruben Coria and Julio Leal. 


     In the waning days of the war, there were two combatants whom had not yet met. And 
 when they finally met for their 'duel in the sun', the final confrontation was a fitting 
 epitaph for the six year engagement.

 Feb. 26 Jose Torres vs. Rosalio Muro.....Mexico City
 The final conflict brews as Torres blows out Muro in 8 rounds south of the border. Noise 
 was at a fever pitch for a Lopez-Torres showdown.

 Aug. 20 Ruben Olivares vs. Bobby Chacon.....Inglewood
 Olivares-Chacon III was for old time's sake. Although both older and heavier and no 
 longer forces at 126, they meet to tie up loose ends and they don't disappoint the 
 crowd. In an exciting 10 rounder Chacon finally takes a win over Ruben, albeit diputed 
 by the raucous crowd.

 Sept. 13 Danny Lopez vs. Jose Torres.....LA
 In one of the wildest shootouts before a west coast crowd and national TV audience to  
 boot, Lopez and Torres go at it for coastal turf...oh, and for the WBC 126 lb. title. 
 Lopez, bloodied and picking himself off the canvas in the second, drops Torres once in 
 the 3rd, twice in the 4th before Torres roars back to take the 5th. With both suffering 
 intense facial damage, Lopez's momentum takes over and ultimately, under heavy fire, 
 Torres' corner compassionately pull their man from the contest at the end of the 7th.

 Although losing his share of battles, it was Danny Lopez who won the war by virtue 
 of... last man standing. Displaying an armistice signed in blood, Lopez not only wore 
 his crown proudly but, was now the proud possessor of...bragging rights.

     With the changing landscape of boxing, a coastal rivalry such as the Featherweight 
 wars has been deemed... unnecessary and become a thing of the past, consigned only to 
 memory. But, who knows, perhaps we'll catch lightning in a bottle and the war clouds 
 will brew once again in some small fight club in the Midwest, or the East coast, or in 
 Europe. And when that day comes, my fellow Fightnuts...hang on for one wild ride.

                                    See ya next round
                                        Dan Hanley   

Daniel Hanley