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Fight Fans Schedule in association with Books is proud to offer these great books on the sport we all love. I am sure all of us boxing fans have been to our local bookstore and found out just how FEW books covering boxing are featured there. So here is a list (to which I will add on a regular basis) of great books which give insight to the fighters and rich history of Boxing. The prices thru are GREAT and almost always beat the local stores and I am not just saying that. Everything on my site is free and I simply created this website to get more people to appreciate our great sport and I think this link to will help do that.

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Papa Jack: Jack Johnson and the era of White Hopes
One of the most shameful and quite frankly interesting periods of heavyweight boxing history is given a very detailed analysis here!

Serenity: A Boxing Memoir
Finally a book on the mental aspect of being a prize fighter! Boxing is so much more than a physical sport and this part of the game is sorely overlooked.

Boxing: Heros and Champions *** My favorite boxing book! ***
Bob Mee does a excellent job (much better than the Boxing Hall of Fame) of listing the best boxers to ever step into a ring. Unlike others Mee does not forget the great European and Asian boxer who are very overlooked by American scribes. Also includes his list of the 50 greatest fights. Just a great book!!!!

A century of boxing greats *** A very close second favorite! ***
Myler (one of Europes most respected boxing writers) does a great job of profiling his choice of the 100 greatest boxers of this century. Englands Boxing Monthly magazine says "Strongly recommended", The Ring says "It's all there a thorough collection of boxing champions". Would be my favorite but I took quantity over quality ha ha.

The Story of Craig Bodzianowski: The Boxer Who Wouldn't Stay Down
The moving story Graig Bondzianowski, the first fighter in the history of boxing to fight for a championship of the world with just one leg.

Fighting Fit
Thinking about boxing? Just to keep in shape, burn calories or maybe even to advance to the pro ranks? Then get this book first to learn some fundamentals.

Rocky Marciano
One of the very few champions to retire unbeaten and at the top of his game. Why and how was he able to do it. Read this book and find out!

Raging Bull: My Story
If you thought the movie was great wait until you read this book!

Gentleman Jim Corbett: Biography of the Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Described to me as the definitive book on Corbett. At this price it better be ha ha. This book deals with every aspect of Corbetts life including his days as vaudeville headliner.

Ken Buchanan: The Tartan Legend
A truly underrated boxer who sadly is only known for his controversial loss to Roberto Duran. You think Sean Conery is a tough Scotsman, check out Ken's story. I Just ordered my copy!

Mickey Duff: Twenty and Out
Duff has been called the Cus D'Amato of England. This book takes you from his childhood through the 19 world champion boxers he trained and his views on the current state of boxing.

Nigel Benn: The Dark Destroyer
Has gotten great reviews from Enlgand! If you have followed his career and life before he became a boxer you know this book will not dissapoint.

Notes of a cornerman
Poems about boxing? Might sound strange, but every review of this book has been outstanding! Carmen Basillio recommends this book...... and that is good enough for me.

McIlvanney on Boxing
Tired of getting all your boxing writing from a American point of view? Here is a fresh new perspective of boxing from one of the Dean's of English boxing writers!

Max Schmeling: A autobiography
Schmeling's autobiography is now available in english. It is a astonishing look at look not only the boxer but the turbulent times he lived in, a truly great book.

Rope Burns: Stories from The Corner
Short stories on boxing from the point of view of a cut man. Got great reviews from book critics and 5 out of 7 on-line reviews gave it 5 of 5 stars.

Boxing in Black and White
Boxing more than any other sport has used race to sell fights and fighter by matching ethnic and religious rivalries in the ring for the sake of the gate. I think it took courage to write a book like this and it should be worth the boxing fans time to read.

Hurricane: The Miraculous journey of Rubin Carter
This is the latest and from what I am told most complete book about Carter and his by now famous story. Was Carter wrongly convicted or not? You read and decide.

The 12 greatest rounds of boxing: The untold stories
I am not a fan of Ferdie Pacheco the analyst, but the boxing historian is something else. Here we get his view of the 12 greatest rounds ever, centers a bit too much on the heavies for me but others love it ha ha. Also got great reviews from book guides.

Heavy Justice: The Trial of Mike Tyson
Was Mike Tyson guilty of rape? Only two people really know but here is a look at the trial, atmosphere and the circus like events that surrounded this event.

Going the distance: The Ken Norten Story
The definitive biography of one of the most exciting heavyweight's of the last 25 years... both in and out of the ring. Covers everything you ever wanted to know about the greatest heavyweight era ever.

The Black Lights: Inside the world of boxing
Thomas Hauser famous for his Ali biography in this book deals mostly with champ Billy Costello's story. Giving us his view about promoters, managers and a fighter's fears... gotten great reviews!

Boxing: The complete guide to training & fitness
Comes highly recommended by the readers at and the person who E-mailed me about it. Have not seen it yet but will be checking it out.

The Sports Illustrated Book of Boxing
Wow! This books has story's by Homer, Plato, Jack London, George Bernard Shaw, Hemingway, Norman Mailer, W.C Heinz, David Remnick and others. Profiles, reportage, poetry, profiles, essays, and commentaries all in this one book!The Ring magazine says of this book "A keeper."

Gentelman Jim Corbett: The truth behind a boxing legend
From the reviews and E-mails I have received about this book it looks like a must read for boxing fans interested in the early period of boxing. "Well researched and brilliantly delivered" and "At times I thought Dunphy or Bernstein were giving me blow by blow accounts" is what the E-mailers sent me. Those are our fellow fans opinions!

The Devil and Sonny Liston
Some mixed reviews on this book! Some say it is great while others say it is more speculation than fact? Liston is such a mystery that I am just glad a book was finaly done on him!

Boxing Day: The fight that changed the world
A novel about the fight between Jack Johnson and Tommy Burns. The Ring magazines said of this book "Leans heavily on period media accounts to tell their individual stories, and spices them up with eye catching historical perspective."

This Bloody Mary is the last thing I own: A journey to the end of boxing
I have heard nothing but great reviews of this book from all over the world. Have just ordered my copy. Take a look at the reviews on the page to decide if it is for you. If you are a boxing fan I think it is :-)

Lazarus and The Hurricane
The untold story of the freeing of Hurricane Carter. This is the book the movie with Danzell Washington is based upon. As in most cases the book is more indepth than the movie, a great read!

Boxings biggest upsets: Fights that shook the world!!
This one has just been released and two people have already recommended it to me. Since Thomas Myler is also the writer I had no reason to believe it would be anything but great.

Primo: The story of "Man Mountain" Carnera
The Ring magazine review said "The book is a well researched history of Carnera's life" and "an informative, worthwhile read". I ordered my copy today E-mail me in a month if you want my review.

Boxings best short stories
Not my cup of tea, I prefer historical boxing books but others love this stuff. The book has gotten good reviews which can be seen when you follow this link. Just published this year and features many famous writers!

A Flame of Pure Fire: Jack Dempsey And The Roaring 20's
A great book!!! Not a birth to death bio of Dempsey but it covers Dempsey's prime and shows just how much he influenced a entire decade. Unlike other pieces on Dempsey this book seperates fact from fiction. is also offering a larger than usual discount!

The Manly Art: Bareknuckle prize fighting in America
See how boxing has evolved from the brutal days of the bareknuckle fighters. Heard great things of this book and it comes recommended by Boxing Illustrated

Boxings greatest upsets
Brand new book published in 1999. I have not yet seen this book but will purchase it sight unseen since Thomas Myler a very good boxing writer has written this. If it is not as good as I expected I will post the news soon ha ha.

The Inner Ring
Personaly I think there are way to many books dedicatd to Mike Tyson but I am told this one is the best of the lot and different. It has gotten good reviews from many sources so if you like or hate Tyson this is the book for you :-)

The fame, money and mystery of Oscar DeLahoya
This book has gotten some good reviews from various sources including The Ring magazine. Not a fanzine or fluff book about Oscar but a insightfull review of his career to date.

Rocky Marciano: Biography of a first son
With the recent release of the Showtime I recomend that you get this book for the REAL story of Rocky. This book is out of print but may be re-released soon. Try to see if can find the book for you thru this link.

Champions boxing guide
I guess this is the "how to" guide for boxing. Respected boxing people like Teddy Atlas, Gil Glancy, Bobby Czyz and Roy Jones have all endorsed this book. Read the reviews on this link and decide for yourself.

Boxing memorabilia
With the availability of boxing memorabilia thru E-bay and other on-line auctions this is a great book to have! Bill Cayton is one of boxing's most noted historians and he takes you thru this very intresting aspect of our sport. If you are at all intrested in boxing memorabilia and the history behind it check this book out!

George Francis: Trainer of champions
Autobiography of the man who guided John Mugabi, John Conteh, Frank Bruno and Boza Edwards to world titles. Not just a great book on the trainer but gives great insight on the English boxing scene in general.

The noble art
This book examines boxing from 1720 through 1870. Book is out of print right now (might be re-printed from what I heard) but Amazon will search used bookstores for you.

Willie the Wisp
Willie Pep is perhaps the best "boxer" to ever step between the ropes and we now finally have a book devoted to him. Great book about a great boxer and his hectic and triumphant times

The complete book of boxing for fighters and fight fans
Written by Curtis Cokes (former world welterweight champion and respected trainer), I have not seen the book myself but have been given a good review saying "The book really gets into the nitty-gritty technical aspects of boxing, but without over analysing things".

The Prince and the Prophet: The Rise of Naseem Hamed
Have not seen this one yet but it has received some good reviews in England and I have heard good comments on it in various chat rooms and boxing bulletinboards.

Black Ajax
This is a historical novel based on the true story of Tom Molineux, a former slave who boxed his way to freedom. This book has gotten some good reviews.

The fighting Irish
This tells the stories of some of the great Irish boxers like McGuigan, McLarnin, Tom Sharkey, McAulliff, McAuley and other. Some great stories here and Myler also authored the excellent A century of boxing greats.

"In this Corner..." 42 champions tell their stories
Well the title says it all, a great book that gives insight to some of the best fighters and how they won their belts. Great stories here!

John L. Sullivan and his America
A book that goes beyond the boxing as it examines the role that Sullivan played in American history. A great read and recommended for people of Irish ancestry ha ha.

King of the World: The rise of Muhammad Ali
Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Remnick has received rave reviews for this book. The fact that he was able to come up with FRESH stories and new angles on Ali after the MANY books which have been written about him is incredible in its own right ha ha. By all accounts a great book!

12 rounds with Oscar DeLahoya
Cant really tell you much about this book, as I have not seen a review or the actual book anywhere but If anyone can give me a review please E-mail me.

Raging Bull: The Jake LaMotta story
If you thought the Oscar winning movie was great, wait until you read the book! Simply a classic real life boxing story.

Young Rocky: A True stroy of Rocky Castellani
Want to know what it was like fighting in the 1950's then is your book. The true story of Rocky Castellani who was good enough to beat everyone but the champions. Fought all the best middle and lightheavyweights of his era and lost his only title shot to Bobo Olsen. I hear alot of old time fight fans talk about this book, as being better than LaMotta's Raging Bull.

Boxing Greats
Written by Steve Bunce the boxing writer for The London Daily Telegraph and one of my favorites boxing writers Bob Mee. Have not seen the book yet but it has already gotten great reviews. Done in association with the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Foreword by Naseem Hamed and has previously unpublished interviews with key boxers.

Against the odds: The Larry Holmes story
This book will be released in October and previews have been good and Holmes has alot to say about Don King and the fightes he has fought.

Punch lines: Phil Berger on Boxing
This is considered one of the best books ever written about boxing. A collection of essays on boxers and boxing.

Dark trade: Lost in Boxing
I was lucky to get this book before the first printing ran out (It is now stocked again). Candid interview's with Hamed, Eubanks, Holyfield, Toney, Watson, Jones Jr. and other boxing figures about boxing and more over the politics involved in boxing. Got some well deserved great reviews and awards!

The Ultimate Boxing Encyclopedia
I was not aware of this book until I was told and given a great review of this book from a English friend, it also received good reviews from England's "Boxing Monthly". Published in 1996.

"Let's Get It on"
Referee Mills Lane autobiography is finally out. Take a look at the most colorful and probably the best referee in the ring today.

Oscar De LA Hoya, Boxing's Golden Boy
O.K so I am not a big fan of Oscar's choice of opponents, but his life is a great success story.

All time greats of Boxing
Just saw this added to, I have not read this book but a hardcover book for \$15.00 on boxing should be worth it. If anyone has this book please send a review.

A illustrated history of boxing
The most thorough look at boxing's great history I have seen, every weight divsions history and fighters are featured. A great book for boxing junkies and a incredible introduction to the sport for others.

A savage business
A indepth look at Tyson and the people who controlled him from the end of his prison sentence to "The bite". This book has gotten some great reviews and any book that mentions Peter McNeeley's "Cocoon of horror" quote is well researched ha ha. That is still one of my favorite boxing quotes!!!

Sugar Ray Robinson
The best book about most peoples choice for the greatest boxer to ever step into the ring.

When boxing was a Jewish sport
Well the title says it all, I have not read this book yet (it is on my list ha ha) but have read it's favorable reviews.

Boxing: photographs by Larry Fink
Well lets just say I prefer to read about the boxers instead of just seeing them, although Bert Sugar does have some articles in this book. If you like Boxing picuters this is a book for you. Check out the reviews on the link and see if this book is for you?

Champions of the Ring: The lives and times of boxings heavyweight heros.
Take a close look at the big boys of boxing.

Lightning strikes
A indepth look at the many great lightweight champions.

Boxing shorts: 1,001 of the sports funniest one liners.
A look at the funny side and some of the characters that are involved with boxing. Great quotes and very funny!

Muhammad Ali: His life and times
The definitive Ali biography by Thomas Hauser. A must have for Ali fans, and all people in general.

The fights
Three award winning writers give a great insight to the sport. Once again the pictures nearly outshine the words.

The neutral corner: Boxing essays
described as a boxing classic the day it was released. A.J Lieblings best work ??

Jack Johnson: In the ring and out
Probably the best book on the Heavyweight great. Damon Runyan adds his insight and also has great illustrations.

On Boxing
A bestseller this book doesnt deal with a particular fighter or Era, but with boxing as a Artform thru the many essays.

The men of steel
A look at the great middleweights, perhaps the best division in boxing history?

Corner men: The great boxing trainers
Simply the best book on the men who shape the fighters.

Bad intentions: The Mike Tyson story
Well if I am going to list a book on Don King I have to list a book on his biggest moneymaker.

Boxings strangest fights: incredible but true encounters from 250 years of boxing history.
This book was published in 1992...just think of all the strange stuff that has happend SINCE THEN!!!

The science of Boxing
I have not read this book but got a really complimentary E-mail about this book.

Classic Boxing Cards : 56 Full-Color Reproductions from the Mecca Cigarette Sets, 1909-1910
Not a book but great reporductions of old boxing cards. Published by Bert Sugar.

The manly art: bareknuckle prize fighting in America.
Alot of great stuff for boxing historians, and gives good insight to the people who participated in this brutal sport.

Boxing Legends
Veteran sports writer Greg Garber tries his hand at writing about boxers. Most everything he wrote has been found in other books but still a niece book to have at a good price.

The Prizefighters: A intimate look at champions and contenders.
A look at fighters from Pep to Chavez, this book spans the decades to give us the best of boxing.

Julio Cesar Chavez
Part of a "Hispanics of achievement" series. I have not seen this book but I dont think any other books feature this great fighter!

Jack Johnson: They didnt know it couldnt be done.
This book's focus is more on the person than his fights but offer good insight on the era that Johnson fought and triumpthed in.

Joe Louis: My Life
This is the best book on Louis in my opinion. Probably because Louis was involved in the writting of this book and it gives great insight to his personal life.

The best of the Ring - The bible of boxing
A GREAT collection of articles taken from "The Ring" magazine. A must have for most fans of this sport a year by year look at the big and not so big stories in boxing.

Born to be King: The rise of Prince Naseem Hamed
Thats right the cocky young Englishman has his own biography.....already! Love him or hate him (I happen to like him) you have to admire his ambitions both inside and out of the ring.

Celtic Warrior
Just out in the USA Steve Collins autobiography. I have not seen this one yet but have alot of respect for this fighter.

By George: The autobiography of George Foreman
Here is the whole story from Houston to Zaire to Vegas.....a long journey :-)

Smoking Joe: The autobiography of a heavyweight champion Joe Frazier
Perhaps one of the most overlooked heavyweights when it comes to compilling a top 10 list.

Evander Holyfield - The humble warrior
This is the first autobiography and probabaly the best book available on "The Real Deal".
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