Boxing by the numbers......

This is a fun page where I will list Boxing records, facts, famous Quotes, and various "best of" lists. All of the information in this page is from differnt boxing magazines, books and stuff you hear at bars.

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Most kayos in major competition: Archie Moore - 145
Most consecutive knockouts: Lamar Clark - 44 (1958-1960)
If the great Featherweight champion Sandy Saddler and Rocky Marciano where to fight, Saddler would have a 2 inch reach advantage, 70 inches to Marciano's 68. by the way Marciano had the shortest reach of any Heavyweight champ.
Did you know 1997 Hall of Fame inductee Albert "chalky" Wright, died when he drowned in a bathtub.
Floyd Patterson was knocked down more than any other modern Heavyweight champion, 20 times!
Most consecutive successful defenses Division Name Title Years Defenses Heavyweight: Joe Louis World (1937-49) 25
Cruiserweight: Anaclet Wamba WBC Title (1991-94) 7
Light Heavyweight: Bob Foster World (1968-74) 14
Super Middleweight: Nigel Benn WBC Title (1992-95) 9
Middleweight: Carlos Monzon World (1970-77) 14
Junior Middleweight: Gianfranco Rosi IBF (1989-94) 11
Welterweight: Henry Armstrong World (1938-40) 19
Junior Welterweight: Julio Cesar Chavez WBC/IBF (1989-94) 12
Lightweight: Roberto Duran World (1972-79) 12
Junior Lightweight: Brian Mitchell IBF/WBA (1986-91) 12
Featherweight: Eusebio Pedroza WBA (1978-85) 19
Jr. Featherweight: Wilfredo Gomez WBC (1977-83) 17
Bantamweight: Orlando Canizales IBF (1988-94) 16
Junior Bantamweight: Khaosai Galaxy WBA (1984-91) 19
Flyweight: Miguel Canto WBC (1975-79) 14
Junior Flyweight: Myung Woo Yuh WBA (1985-91) 17
Strawweight: Ricardo Lopez WBC (1990-99) 21
Longest uninterrupted title reigns Division Fighter Reign Heavyweight: Joe Louis 11 years, 7 months
Cruiserweight: Anaclet Wamba 4 years, 10 months
Light Heavyweight: Archie Moore 9 years, 2 months
Super Middleweight: Chong Pal Park 3 years, 6 months
Middleweight: Carlos Monzon 6 years, 9 months
Junior Middleweight: Gianfranco Rosi 5 years, 2 months
Welterweight: Felix Trinidad 8 years, 5 months
Junior Welterweight: Julio Cesar Chavez 4 years, 8 months
Lightweight: Benny Leonard 7 years, 8 months
Junior Lightweight: Flash Elorde 7 years, 3 months
Featherweight: Johnny Kilbane 11 years, 4 months
Jr. Featherweight: Wilfredo Gomez 5 years, 10 months
Bantamweight: Orlando Canizales 6 years, 5 months
Junior Bantamweight: Khaosai Galaxy 7 years, 1 months
Flyweight: Jimmy Wilde 7 years, 4 months
Junior Flyweight: Myung Woo Yuh 6 years. 2 months
Strawweight: Ricardo Lopez 9 years, 8 months

"yesterday I was Lying, today I am telling the truth" Bob Arum's reply to a reporters question.
"you fight that Fucking monster yourself, I'm not" Al Certo's (Buddy McGirts manager) reply to a possible McGirt vs. Quartey fight on HBO.
Speaking of Buddy McGirt when he was asked by Gil Clancy on air who would win the up-comming fight between Maurice Blocker and Glenwood brown he replied "the black guy"
Bert Randolph Sugar's list of the 10 most devastating knockouts. This list was compilled in 1992. 10. Jack Dempsy over Jack Sharkey KO 7 9. Jake LaMotta over Laurent Dauthuille KO 15 8. Ray Mercer over Tommy Morrision KO 5 7. Sugar Ray Robinson over Gene Fullmer KO 5 6. Jack Johnson over Stanly Ketchel KO 12 5. Joe Louis over max Schmelling KO 1 4. Gerry Cooney over Ken norten Ko 1 3. bob Foster over Dick Tiger KO 4 2. Mike Weaver over John Tate KO 15 1. Rocky Marciano over Jersey Joe Walcott KO 13
Here are 4 fighters who went undefeated in their carrer: 1. Rocky Marciano 49-0 2. Jack McAuliffe 33-0-9 and 3 no contests 3. Laszlo Papp 27-0-2 4. Ji Won Kim 16-0-2 (thanks to Paul Carter for telling me about Kim)
Boxing Illustrated rated the "40 hardest punchers pound for pound in boxing history" in their April 1993 issue. Here are the top 10. 10. Sandy Saddler 9. Jack Dempsey 8. Joe Louis 7. Earnie Shavers 6. Bob Satterfield 5. Charles Ledoux 4. George Chaney 3. Bob Fitzsimmons 2. Max Baer 1. Jimmy Wilde
The great French fighter Georges Carpentier started his carrer as a Fly- weight and ended his carrer as a Heavyweight. He fought in every divison boxing has to offer!
Most first round knockouts in a carrer: 1.Young Otto (42) 2. Tiger Jack Fox (30) 3. Jack Dempsey (26) 4. Sean O'Grady (24) 5. Buddy Baer (23)
Don King was quoted as making this comment on a possible Julio Cesar Chaves vs. Terry Norris in 1993. "Man O'War was a great racehorse, but if I put a extra 20 pounds on him they would say I was cruel to the animal. So dont ask me to do that to Chavez."
Youngest pro debut by a fighter. 1. Baby Arizmendi age 10 2. Teddy Baldock age 14 3. Al McCoy age 14 4. Battling Nelson age 14 5. Georges Carpentier age 14
Boxings 3 largest "live gate crowds". 1. Tony Zale vs. Billy Pryor 135,132 2. Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Greg Haugen 132,274 3. Gene Tunney vs. Jack Dempsey 120,757
Boxing Scene listed boxings "10 greatest chins" in their 1991 issue. Here they are in no particular order. Joe Grim Tom Sharkey Jake LaMotta Rocky Marciano George Chuvalo Muhammad Ali Vito Antuofermo Randy "Tex" Cobb Marvin Hagler Julio Cesar Chavez
Wilfred Benitez is the youngest man to ever win a world title when at the age of 17 years and 3 months he won the jr. welterweight title.
The world oldest boxing publications is Britains "Boxing News" which has been published continuously since 1909.
Here a 3 fighters who made their pro debuts in TITLE BOUTS! 1. Pete Rademacher 1957 2. Jack Skelly 1892 3. Rafael Lovera 1975
Speaking of which Leon Spinks won the Heavyweight title in his 8th bout!
Everyone speaks of "The thrilla in manilla" as one of the best Heavyweight fights of all-time. Suprisingly the scores at the time of the stoppage had Ali winning rather easily 166-160, 166-162, 167-162. Shouldn't the greatest heavyweight fight of all time be a bit closer?
Here is a conversation between George Foreman and Bob Arum in 1995 Foreman: "Bob, I cant chase these guys anymore" Arums Reply: "George, I cant put it in the contracts that they cant run"
The word "haymaker" was first used by turn of the century Welterweight champion James Ferms to describe his knockout punch.
For all you boxing films collecters the 1925 Mickey Walker vs. Harry Greb fight was filmed!....but no one can find the copies???? It is probably in someones basement or Attic right now......someone just has to find it!
World title holders with the Fewest fights: 1. Saensak Muangsurin (3) 1a. Veeraphol Sahaprom (3) 2. Muangchai Kittikasem (6) 3. Paul Weir (6)
Benny Leonard, Ted "kid" Lewis, Henry Armstrong, Billy Conn, and Manuel Ortiz are Hall of Famers. What else do they have in common??? THEY ALL LOST THEIR FIRST PRO FIGHTS! by the way so did Miguel Canto and two heavyweight champs Bonecrusher Smith and Mike Weaver.
Heavyweight champ Primo Carnera weighed 22 birth!!!
Speaking of Carnera in his title loss to Baer he was knocked down 13 times.
Here are the 5 fighters who have fought the most "title fight rounds" 1. Emille Griffith - 339 2. Abe Attel - 337 3. Hilario Zapata - 303 4. Julio Cesar Chavez 301 5. Sugar Ray Robinson - 288
The last title fight scheduled for more than 15 rounds was: Joe Louis vs. Bob Pastor (scheduled for 20 rounds)
Who was the oldest fighter to compete for a world title??? 1. Roberto Duran who fought William Joppy at age 47 years 2 months and 12 days. 2. Archie Moore was also 47 when he defended his crown against Giulio Rinaldi.
It took Jersey Joe Walcott 5 tries to finally win the heavyweight title and "retired" 6 times before he won the title.
To the best of my knowledge Willie Pep has the most "official" wins in a carrer at 229!
African American fighters have often been the victim of racism and not been allowed to fight for a title bouts (in the early part of this century). But did you know that Frank "The Harlem Coffee Cooler" Craig fought for the world middleweight title in 1899, but lost to Tommy Ryan by K.O.
George Foreman is talking about fighting at the age of 50, did you know 2 former heavyweight champions have already done this? Thats right Bob Fitzsimmons and Jack Johnson were both 50 when they fought their last pro fights.
Do you think that the art of stripping a title from a champion is a recent phenomenon? Back in 1913 the IBU stripped Jack Johnson of his title because he was convicted of crime in the USA.
With the recent flow of Russian and east block fighters it should be noted that the first world title fight held in a communist country was back in 1970 between Nino Benvenuti and Tom Bethea in Umag, Yugoslavia.
Muhammad Ali was known for fighting with his hands held low, even down by his waist. But Aaron Brown "The Dixie Kid" was the first man to fight in this style.
Lennox Lewis was asked why he did not sign a contract with Don King after won the Olympic Gold medal, his responce "How can you trust a man who can talk for 5 minutes and you cant understand a sentence of it?".
The last 2 fighters to participate in a fight to the finish were Sam Langford and Jim Savage who fought in 1923 at the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City.
Netrnoi Sor Vorasingh was the youngest fighter to ever LOOSE a world title at the age of 19 years and 5 months.
With fighters getting bigger and bigger here are the 3 tallest men I am aware of fighting professionally: George Mitu 7ft 4in (Romanian) Jim Cully 7ft 4in (Irish) John Rankin 7ft 4in (American)
Speaking of BIG the greatest combined weight of two fighters had to be when Jimmy Black (360 pounds) fought Claude McBride (340 pounds) in 1971.
You think George Foreman is tough??? Herbert Odom was 46 years old in 1979 when he boxed his FIRST pro fight and won in two rounds!
What crime was Heavyweight champion Jack Johnson convicted of ? Violating the "White Slave Traffic Act" by "transporting a white woman (aka his wife) across a state line."
I wonder how many people are aware that the great Alexis Arguello lost his first fight BY KNOCKOUT in the first round?
By the way Fritzie Zivic holds the record for the most defeats in a carrer by a champion with 65.
I think Sam Langford and Harry Wills hold the record for the most meetings between the same two boxers with 23 fights.
The very first boxing stadium was erected in 1719. "Figgs Amphitheatre" was located on Oxford Road in London.
The first boxing club was established in 1814, it was the Pugilistic Club, London.
Jack Dempsey vs. Jess Willard in 1919 was the first fight to be broadcast over the radio.
So now you are proabably saying "what was the first televised fight?" It was in 1931 and featured Benny Leonard vs. Mickey Walker.
Guess what Henry Armstrong's original ring name was?????? Melody Jackson
Sonny Liston received the first Million dollar purse when he defeated Floyd Patterson in 1963.
What was the first stadium to be named after a former world champion?? Escobar Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Named after the islands first world champion Sixto Escobar
Ever wonder where the phrase "Is it the real McCoy" came from??? Back in the 1890's Charles "Kid" McCoy was a master at tricking his opponents into believing he was ill or in difficulty. Consequently people were never sure wether he was realy hurt, ill or faking. Thus the saying "Is it the real McCoy" was born
Most consecutive successfull defenses by Division Heavyweight Joe Louis (1937-49) 25 Cruiserweight Anaclet Wamba (1991-94) 7 Light Heavyweight Bob Foster (1968-74) 14 Super Middleweight Nigel Benn (1992-95) 9 Middleweight Carlos Monzon (1970-77) 14 Junior Middleweight Gianfranco Rosi (1989-94) 11 Welterweight Henry Armstrong (1938-40) 19 Junior Welterweight Julio Cesar Chavez (1989-94) 12 Lightweight Roberto Duran (1972-79) 12 Junior Lightweight Brian Mitchell (1986-91) 12 Featherweight Eusebio Pedroza (1978-85) 19 Jr. Featherweight Wilfredo Gomez (1977-83) 17 Bantamweight Orlando Canizales (1988-94) 16 Junior Bantamweight Khaosai Galaxy (1984-91) 19 Flyweight Miguel Canto (1975-79) 14 Junior Flyweight Myung Woo Yuh (1985-91) 17 Strawweight Ricardo Lopez (1990-2000) 24

The first southpaw champions:

Heavyweight: Michael Moorer
Cruiserweight: Marvin Camel
Light heavyweight: George Nichols
Super Middleweight: Graciano Roccigiani
Middleweight: Al McCoy
Jr. Middleweight: Maurice Hope
Welterweight: Young Corbett III
Jr. Welterweight: Sandro Lopopolo
Lightweight: Juan Zurita
Jr. Lightweight: Flash Elorde
Featherweight: Freddie Miller
Jr. Featherweight: Sergio Palma
Bantamweight: Jimmy Carruthers
Jr. Bantamweight: Jiro Watanabe
Flyweight: Hiroyuki Eibihara
Jr. Flyweight: Yoko Gushiken
Strawweight: Ratanapol Sowvoraphin

World champions who did not win in 9 or more title fights: Tony Canzoneri: 10 (9 losses 1 draw) Betulio Gonzalez: 9 (7 losses 2 draws)
Bob Fitzsimmons was the first fighter to win three world titles at different weights: Middleweight 1891 Heavyweight 1897 Light heavyweight 1903
Pedlar Palmer was the first boxer to win a world title by disqualification in November 25, 1895 against Billy Plimmer in London.
One time Heavyeight contender had this to say about his lawsuit against Sports Illustrated who alleged he took part in a fixed fight and fought while on drugs. "It's one thing to call me white and slow. But to call me fat, cowardly, cocaine-snorting, fight fixing cheat?........Who they calling fat"
Another loving comment by Bob Arum after HIS fighter Iran Barkley beat Darrian Van Horn. "If you think Barkley was mad before the fight, wait until he sees how many people are taking part of his purse"
What do Gabe Ruelas, Johnny Tapia, Jack Dempsey, Wilfredo Gomez and Buddy McGirt have in common? They all started their carrers with a draw.
Who was the oldest man to win the Middleweight title? Roberto Duran at age 37 and 8 months.
In the 1917 title fight between Benny Leonard and Freddie Welsh insult was added to injury. It turned out that Welsh's manager his entire purse on Welsh to win. So Freddie returned home without his title or money.
In a championship fight in 1954 Jimmy Carruthers and Chamrern Songkitrat both boxed barefoot! It turns out the bout was held outdoors and a tropical rinstorm started before the fight. Instead of canceling the bout both fighters removed their shoes to fight since the cavas was too slippery to fight with shoes on.
Jim Watt fromer WBC lightweight champions when asked about his "white complexion" by a reporter said, "I'm like a bottle of milk with gloves".
A 1923 bout in Havana between heavyweight champion Jack Johnson and Jack Thompson was so slow that the referee walked out of the ring in disgust! The fight was refereed for the last couple of rounds by the promoter, both fighters were fined $500.00 for "stalling".
The fight between Muhammad Ali and Earnie Shavers featured the first women to judge a heavyweight title fight. Her name was Elva Shain.
Rocky Marciano was 22 when he first started to box "seriously"!
Ali upstaged? Ali was on a plane when a stewardess asked him to fasten his seat belt, Ali told the lady "Superman dont need no seat belt". The stewardess told the champ "Superman dont need no plane!"
Sugar Ray Leonard was asked on the Johnny Carson show, "when do the wounds from the fight heal", his reply "when the check clears"
The first mouthpiece was used in 1915 in a bout between Ted "Kid" Lewis and Jack Britton.
The february 1980 issue of "THE RING" polled 25 boxing experts and asked who was the greatest fighter ever. The result was: 1. Sugar Ray Robinson 2. Joe Louis 3. Henry Armstrong 4. Muhammad Ali 5. Benny Leonard 6. Willie Pep 7. Rocky Marciano 8. Jack Dempsey 9. Roberto Duran 10. Jack Johnson Now I dont consider myself a expert BUT there is no way that heavyweights should hold 5 out of 10 top spots. No Monzon, Gans, Ketchel, Saddler or Archie Moore?
Jamie "Kid Azteca" Garza and Robert Duran are the only men I know of that have boxed as a pro in 5 (!!!) differnt decades. Azteca started in 1929 and his last fight was in 1961. Duran started in 1967 and who knows when he will retire?
Famous western figure Wyatt Earp was more than just a Sheriff, he also refereed a fight between Bob Fitzsimmons and Tom Sharkey. He eneded up disqualifying Fitzsimmons.
British fighter Nel Tarleton was known to go the distance in many of his fights. He had 12 title fights (British, Europeand and world) which went the distance. This is not a extraordinary feat if it wasnt for the fact that he only had one lung!
Ever here the phrase "He is no rocket scientist"? Well the inventor of the rocket George Stephenson used to box and even took part in prize fights. I guess this proves boxers are smarter than most give them credit for.
George Foreman won his first heavyweight title on his birthday. I cant think of another heavyweight champion to do this.
Eugene Criqui was injured in World War I, but still this did not prevent him from fighting. That would not be too unique except that he was shot in the jaw! It was replaced by a silver plate and was held together by wire. Talk about a fightger having a metal jaw.