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My favorite boxing links.

Here are the best boxing sites that I have found while surfing the net for boxing information. Look for "***NEW***" which marks the latest additions.

Here we go!

Blood, Sweat and Tears Boxing Videos
People always ask me where I they can find old fights on VHS. Well here is the best person to go to! A great site to find those quality fights from around the world from someone with a impeccable reputation.

Boxing Addresses
This site offers an extensive list of boxing addresses. Currently over 900 addresses. The list includes addresses for boxers (current and retired), managers, promoters, referrees, etc.

Boxing Collecters Corner
Specializing in boxing trading cards from EVERY era!!!!! Wether it is to buy, sell or trade this is the place to go for information and help.

Boxing Collectors' News
Even if you only have a passing interest in the collectables or memorabilia part of boxing this site is a must see!!!!! This is more than collectables it is history.

Boxing Memorabilia UK
Another great site for collectors of boxing memorabilia. While this is a English site it is worth the time for ANY fan to check out.

The Boxing Program Gallery
Alot of work goes into putting these programs together and its great to see someone devote a website to it. Great job.

Boxing on VHS
Looking for that superfight you always heard about? Or trying to complete your collection of fights by your favorite fighter? Go here for a quality selection.

Fights on VHS
A ton of fights from a known trader with good quality.

Hales Boxing on VHS
Another excellent source to buy the fights you always wanted to have but never found time to watch. Now watch them whenever you want!

K.O sports boxing memorabilia
Great selection of authentic boxing memeorabilia. Everything is for sale pictures, programs, autographs, videos and more.

Lion Street books
Looking for great boxing books, memorabilia, posters, pictures and more to buy? They specialize in boxing collectables and out of print boxing books. This is the place!

Pugilistica Collectibles
Has Monthly Special's, great stuff on boxers from the early 1910 to 1930's, boxing books, videos, posters cards and much more!

Ring Memorabilia
Dedicated to collecting vintage boxing memorabilia. Autographs, photographs, posters and books. Well worth your time to visit!!!

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