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Ringside with Boxing Wise.

 With the continued success and expanding popularity of Boxing Wise we 
 will now feature live reporting from boxing events. Boxing Wise will 
 have pre and post fight coverage from various venues, along with ringside 
 analysis. We wish to thank Top Rank, America Presents, Don King, Cedric 
 Kushner, Frank Warren, Main Events, Universum Promotions, OPI 2000, 
 M&M productions, Bill Mordey, 8-count productions, Bobby Hitz, Ballroom 
 Boxing, Jeff Fenech and Mogens Palle for their help in providing access 
 to their events. 

Live from.........

                              March  3, The Pepsi Roadhouse, Burgettstown, PA
                                  Main Event: Scott McCracken vs. Ted Worth
     Favored Scott McCracken got stopped by veteran Ted Worth. Worth let McCracken use 
 him as a punching bag while he just stayed inside and slipped and moved as well as 
 adsorbing quite a bit of punishment. Then, when McCracken made a mistake and stayed too 
 long he caught him with a hard shot to knock him down. McCracken made it back to his 
 feet but was still a little wobbly and got knocked down again. While the ref was 
 counting him out his corner through in the towel.
     Chad Greenleaf, one of Sam Jones' fighters, with a very deceptive record of 6-5-1, 
 stopped highly regard hometown fighter, Richie Fielsing, 17-2, 14KO's, in the 6th round 
 of a scheduled 8 rounder. The first round set the pace for the entire fight. Fielsing 
 came at Chad hard from the first bell. Chad used his quick footwork and fast hands to 
 move and step around Fielsing while landing numerous jabs and counter punches, many to 
 the body. In the 2nd half of the round he landed a perfectly timed left to knock 
 Fielsing down. Fielsing made it up and continued without much effect.

     In the 2nd round, the fight went much the same way. Fielsing came straight ahead 
 with Chad using excellent footwork and timing to land numerous body shots mixed with 
 jabs and uppercuts for which Fielsing had no answer. The body shots were taking their 
 toll and toward the end of the round Chad again knocked Fielsing down, with a hard shot 
 to the head followed by a body shot. He got called for a low blow (a little hometown 
 refing) and Fielsing was allowed some time to recover. About 40 seconds remained and 
 Fielsing was able to survive the round.The fight continued the same way. Chad continued 
 to work the body hard while moving in and out quickly. Fielsing managed to land a few 
 right hands with little effect. After the 2nd he slowed down considerably and seemed a 
 little hesitant to rush in. He seemed to have no answer for the constant jab in his face 
 and the straight lefts and hooks to the body. He showed a great deal of heart and kept 
 coming. Fielsing got knocked down again in the 4th or 5th and then in the 6th Chad 
 knocked him down again with over a minute left. He was given the signal to 'go for it' 
 by his coach. Fielsing was visibly hurt but the ref allowed him to continue. Chad went 
 after him, mixing up hard punches to the head and body. Fielsing would throw a 
 desperation right once in a while but was backed against the ropes and taking a beating. 
 The ref still allowed it to go on until commissioner Greg Sirbs jumped up on the apron 
 and stopped the fight.

 As always fight fans, keep reaching for the stars, and all your dreams can be fullfilled.

 Reported by: Sue Mullett and Brad Berkwitt 

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