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The Year 2001 previews

So how did we do? Here are our previous previews of bouts, we try to only review competitive fights.

Here they are

January 6th, Texas Station Casino, Las Vegas, NV Result: Casamayor TKO 9 over Garcia This is not the easy fight the Casamayor people seem to think it is? Garcia is a strong starter who can box and move, especially in the early rounds. Garcia will get in some good shots early and if Casamayor has any tendency to swell we will find it out in this fight. Look for Casamayor to be taken of his game plan early as he tries to find ways to adapt to the fastest fighter he has faced so far. It will take Garcia's being rocked around the 4th or 5th round to turn the tide in favor for Casamayor. I think it will happen and from that point on Garcia will be in a more defensive mode costing him on the scorecards. From rounds 6 to 11 look for Casamayor to take over and maybe cut Roberto. The judges will give Casamayor the late rounds except the 12 where Garcia puts it all on the line. The one knockdown could be the deciding factor in this fight and give Casamayor a 1 or 2 point win on the cards. This fight depends on how quickly Casamayor can adapt to Garcia, if he does not do so by the 5th consider this fight over and Garcia the new champ. January 20th, MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas, NV Result: Mayweather TKO 10 over Corrales Speed or Power? Which wins out? That is the eternal question in boxing and I side with speed at least 70% of the time. Corrales has looked sensational of late, but I like to compare this fight to Erik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera. In that fight Morales looked like the world beater against the fading ex-star. The same situation exists here as Corrales has taken over the mantle of Mayweather as the best jr. lightweight in the world. As was the case in that fight I think Corrales has looked good because the opposition made him look great. No doubt he fought good boxers but their styles were made for him. I expect Mayweather to come out early and frustrate Corrales with movement and precise counterpunching, as soon as Corrales thinks he has Floyd lined up look for Mayweather to flash a straight punch down the middle and move. Or move and hit Corrales on the side of the head or body with a well timed pivot. This will last for 4 rounds until Corrales begins to time Floyd and his movement.....from here on in it will be a real fight. Mayweather will show his chin and guts through the middle rounds as Corrales come on strong and begins to punch through his high guard but making the key mistake of never going to the body . I look for a big right hand by Floyd to drop or stun Corrales and stop the momentum of Diego around the 9th or 10th round. From here on Diego tries in vain to land the big punch in return, with no luck. Floyd will again find his feet and move around the visibly tiring Corrales. In the end we come away with 5 rounds of action and a 3 to 4 point victory by Mayweather. January 20th, MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas, NV Result: Castillo TKO 6 over Cesar Bazan While this is not going to be the kind of Mexican civil war that Barrera vs. Morales was, it has some intrigue. Who wins out? The lanky boxer in Bazan or the pressure boxer in Castillo? When in doubt go with the man who throws more punches, which I think will be Castillo. Bazan should also present a good body target for Castillo who has shown the ability to capitalize on body work. It could be the difference late as this one should be nip and tuck, with many rounds hard to score and virtually even. I also think Castillo lands the cleaner more visible blows which should sway the judges along with his being the champion and given the benefit of the doubt. In his fights with Johnston, Bazan was lucky that Johnston never worked hard once he got on the inside, which Castillo will not let happen. Castillo who showed he can move his head at times will duck in a lot to rake the ribs of Bazan force him to bend over, thus preventing clean blows to be scored by him. A very close fight here! Give me Castillo by 1 or 2 points..... maybe even a draw. At any rate Castillo retains his crown.

These previews were written by Boxing Wise founder and sometime writer Marty Mulcahey unless otherwise noted.

Marty Mulcahey